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Consider something rubber soled. Make sure they fit your feet well. And break 'em in before you go.
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Originally Posted by Loathing View Post
It actually depends on what you're used to, you little faggot. I wear driving loafers all summer and have never had a problem with comfort. I wonder how people survived before heeled shoes existed?

You know, there's actually a reason they're called driving shoes.
+1 on good loafers or suede chukkas. I just got back from Paris and walked all over the city in my RL loafers even though I have flat feet. And, yes, I stepped in dog shit.
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If you are travelling to Rome in summer (June-August) the answer can't but be driving loafers/mocassins (Tod's and Car Shoes are my favourite and that is what I actually wear everyday in summer). Chukka boots in suede? Forget it! Nobody in Rome wears such shoes when temperatures are around 35-40° C. Make sure you wear natural fibers (cotton, linen) as it is usually hot and humid.

Cool stuff in Rome (out of the ordinary recommendations)? Depends on what you like to do... Concerts? See the Auditorium programme. Clubbing? Head to the seaside. Attractions? MAXXI, the recently opened museum or Ostia Antica, Roman ruins at its best. Food? Città del Gusto.
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Originally Posted by Axel Ferguson View Post
Little faggot? Good going there tough guy. Any way, you're free to screw up your feet.
There are actually school of thinking that believe it is precisely the over-heeling of modern shoes that ruins our gait, small muscles of the feet, and our postures. Once you are used to it there is no additional pain associated with not wearing super-heeled shoes. People run marathons in minimized footwear. For the OP I suggest loafers as opposed to boots, even chukka ones.
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Originally Posted by usctrojans31 View Post
Don't do a driving shoe, especially Tod's...your feet will be so utterly painful by the end of the first day that your trip will be ruined. You need something with some arch support and a thick sole that will do well with cobblestone. My recommendation is a loafer in caramel/walnut and keep your trousers in the light grey range to fit in well.

Think Santoni Leonard as your style baseline. Yes, I know the color isn't what I suggested, but I am going solely for style.

Actually, those are a good suggestion though I'd probably take a pair of dark oak derbies or adelaides and a pair of black loafers for night. Another thought is to dump the black and shoot for tan or chestnut casuals instead. It gets more difficult if you want to wear shorts but there are decent enough flip-flops and sandals are seen all over Europe in the summer.

Driving shoes, as a form of slip on casual, are fine if the sole has sufficient structure to walk in. As others have pointed out, thin and soft soles lead to very sore feet and you'll do a lot of walking.

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Coincidentally enough, I just got back from Rome. Wear whatever shoes you find are comfortable after walking around for a while. Only you know the answer to that, for you. FWIW, I wore tan penny loafers (leather sole), and suede crepe-soled chukkas, walked around quite a lot and was fine. But that's more because I know these shoes fit very well, rather than anything special about the shoes themselves. I would not have taken the chukkas if I'd been going in Summer, and would probably have taken another loafer or a comfortable light-coloured oxford (maybe even specs).
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Hmmm... I was just wondering the same thing. Will be spending a few weeks in Germany in late summer and need some decent shoes. Leaning towards some boat shoes right now actually.
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