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The Business Forum Game!!!

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I made a bet with my roommate this week but I thought this would work as a forum game as well. Everyone here has a bit of business acumen, so it could be fun. The task is to make money from nothing. Your resources: Two employees with 8 hours a day to kill £10 or $15 depending on your currency Your aim To make a profit, however small, at the end of a 5 day stretch. How do you use your two staff and your capital to make money?
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I'll kick things off: My proposal was: Buy £3 worth of fruit concentrate Buy £2 worth of plastic cups Buy £2 Plastic Jug Make a sign advertising free drinks and set up a stall on the local green. Due to the reasonable weather we've been having the greens are always covered with people. By making the drinks free people shouldn't feel like we are over-charging for stuff, but by adding a "Voluntary Donations" pot, we should cover the £7 outlay over the course of two or three days.
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$1-buy pen
$1-buy pad

write on pad..."Give me money or I will shoot!"

rob multiple banks...
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take $10, buy socks, sell on public transit.

I am assuming my two employees have their transit paid for with a pre-tax transit benefit....otherwise they may have to sell the first batch outside the train station in order to buy an all day pass.
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selling socks on the public transit is kind of a brilliant idea
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Slanging socks on the Greyhound does sound fulfilling.
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Make employee 1 fuck employee 2 at gunpoint while throwing singles at them and taunting them. Charge people admission to the show.
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Give employee 1 a $15 loan payable in 1 hour, with a 10% compounding interest penalty assessed every hour he is late. Have employee 2 hold him down and restrain him for 8 hours.
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1) Use the $15 to buy 100 pills of Ritalin using my prescription card at CVS.
2) Have underlings re-sell pills at $3 a pill to high school kids.


1) Buy $15 of oregano.
2) Have underlings re-sell as weed to high school kids.


1) Spend $15 on lunch.
2) Go hunting.
3) Sell meat.
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Why do I have 2 employees with nothing to do for 8hrs a day? I'd fire them immediately.
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This is simple: Hire two easy women, have them go work the corner for hours 8rs each evening, use the $15 to buy my self a Mad Dog 20/20 and enjoy the profits.
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