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next pair of shoes

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I'm thinking of getting my next pair of shoes. ( so far I have one pair of AE Clifton in Walnut. And a pair of black loafers from Aldo, I hope to replace soon, but make for a good pair of night out shoes)

Thinking of these

or getting the 5th Aves from AE.. for those times when I have to dress up..rarely but best to have something.

In fact im thinking I should get a pair of double strap monks.. in either dark brown or walnut..but I already have walnut shoes...but they look amazing in it.. Anyone know a nice pair around the above price tags?

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Fifth Avenue in dark brown would be a great shoe. So would a double monk in dark brown. I am not aware of any double monks in that price range but I'm sure other members will.
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Bruno Magli is a decent shoe, if you can get it for under $100. At $425 you can find a pair of much better shoes on ebay or in the buy&sell subforum.
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I love my AE 5th Aves.

I also like the Strand which I will hopefully pick up soon. I have become a real fan of the Walnut color and now don't seem to like my Black J&M bluchers much anymore.
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theres a consignement shop down the street from my office that has a lot of new Brugno maglis without the box for 50 bucks. personally, id never pay more than a c note for them.
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You can do much better for the price involved. I've considered Bruno Magli in the past, but its relative quality to price has always deterred me.
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Crockett and Jones Lowndes without VAT it comes out to be around $460-ish.
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