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The Adventures of Tintin (movie)

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I was waiting for a animated movie adaptation of Tintin. Hopefully Spielberg and Jackson can do Herge justice!

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The animation looks creepy in a Polar Express kind of way. I am also disappointed to see they gave Tintin an English accent rather than a Belgian one. So far I'm not that impressed; Spielberg has been known to churn out huge stinkers from time to time.
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saw the trailer the other day when it was released... doesn't really show much but i have to say i'm eagerly anticipating it, having loved the comics growing up as a kid. although I didnt think it was that popular with American audiences? I grew up overseas so I'm not sure. I was all about Tintin and Asterix and Obelix, lol.
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I'm pumped simply because I have fond memories of reading Tintin. After watching the video, I'm scared it may fall into the whole uncanny-valley area of effect. There really wasn't enough scenes of facial expression to tell though.
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I'm excited to download it.
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I hope they don't make it too PC.
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What the hell happened to good, traditional animation?
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I hope they don't make it too PC.
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