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Alternative Apparel Wholesale - Last Order 7/22

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First of all, I've had plenty of these threads in the past, if you need feedback or the links to previous threads just let me know

I just got home from college this week and am available to do this again
I haven't had regular orders since August so it's been a while, but same basic rules apply

Staying in line with the rules here, I can't bump this thread by myself,
but I'm going to do my best to put orders in regularly through the summer
I'll post the order date in the title of the thread, deadline is always the night before
or you can just assume it's once every couple of weeks, usually on Fridays

Pricing goes as follows:
Retail Price $0-$36 = 25% off
Retail Price $37-$74 = 30% off
Retail Price $75-$125 = 35% off

Item Availability:
anything i have listed i can get, other items i can't
they've been adding more and more items not available for wholesale,
but i still have access to most of their basics
pm for specific item to make sure it is currently in stock

-Pm/email me a list of items you're interested in as well as your location so I can check stock and give you a complete quote
-I'll message you back with the availability and a complete breakdown of your order
-you send payment or I'll send you an invoice (whichever is easier)
-your order will be placed and I'll message you your shipping info as soon as it's available

US = $10 per order
International = $15 per order
Keep in mind that these are base prices, they can be adjusted one way or the other depending on your order if necessary.
For example, 3+ fleece items are going to cost a few extra dollars to ship whereas 1 t-shirt will not cost $10 to ship.

as always..
I try my best to be as helpful as i can
if you have a question about anything, feel free to ask through pm
or you can e-mail me at
I can usually get back to you within 24 hours but for the most part it's much quicker

and once again, since i cant really drop prices any lower, this thread cant be bumped, so it's up to you to remember to order on time

Any other questions feel free to ask..
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S/S Tees & Shirts AA05 Crew Tee $20.00 => $15 AA05g1 Pigment Dyed Crew Tee $22.00 => $16 AA1040 The Mickey Contrast Stitch Tee $22.00 => $16 AA1042 Deep V Pocket Tee $28.00 => $21 AA1070 Basic Crew $20.00 => $15 AA1070cf Printed Basic Crew $40.00 => $28 AA1081 Destroyed V-Neck $35.00 => $26 AA1088w5 The Garth Marble Tee $32.00 => $24 AA1923 The Gym Rat Tee $38.00 => $26 AA1932 Eco-Heather V-Neck $24.00 => $18 AA1972 Eco-Heather Ringer Tee $28.00 => $21 AA1973 Eco-Heather Crew $24.00 => $18 AA2606 Burnout Tee $36.00 => $27 AA2606b2 Heather Burnout Tee $36.00 => $27 AA2632 Burnout Deep V-neck w/Pocket $40.00 => $28 AA2632b2 Heather Burnout Deep V-neck w/Pocket $40.00 => $28 AA4532 The Perfect V-Neck $36.00 => $27 AA4532p8 The Perfect V-Neck $36.00 => $27 AA4532b2 Heather Burnout V-Neck $36.00 => $27 AA4540 Perfect Tee $36.00 => $27 AA4540p8 Perfect Tee $36.00 => $27 AA4555 The Moroccan Tee $38 => $27 AA4555p7 The Striped Moroccan Tee $38.00 => $27 AA4810 The Wannabe Rocker Tee $32.00 => $24 AA6005 Organic Basic Crew $30.00 => $23 L/S Tees & Shirts AA1141 A Game L/S Baseball Tee $68.00 => $47 AA1938 L/S Raglan Henley $42.00 => $29 AA1980 Eco-Heather L/S Hoodie $38.00 => $27 AA1989 Eco-Heather ¾ Henley $34.00 => $25 AA2640 The "Big League" Burnout Baseball Tee $42.00 => $29 AA2640b7 The "Big League" Burnout Baseball Tee $42.00 => $29 AA4307 The Striated Thermal $60.00 => $42 AA4538p7 The Scout Striped Henley $60.00 => $42 AA5107 Basic Thermal Crew $38.00 => $27 AS7338 The Disheveled Hamburg Henley $78.00 => $50 Polos & Button-Downs AS605 The Johnny Z Zippered Pocket Button-Down $70.00 => $50 AA1352 The Hooker L/S Rugby Shirt $60.00 => $42 AA1952 The Berke Eco-Heather Urban Polo $40.00 => $29 AA2652 The Ian Burnout Leisure Shirt $50.00 => $35 AA4552 Noonan Golf Shirt $40.00 => $29 AS7352 The Disheveled Portofino Polo $70.00 => $50 Coats & Jackets AA801 The Mash Field Jacket $100 => $65 AA9090 Warm-Up Track Jacket $65 => $45 Sweaters & Vests AS7390 The Disheveled Cannes Cardigan $88.00 => $58 Hoodies AA1970 Eco L/S Zip-Up Hoodie $42.00 => $29 AA1980 Eco-Heather L/S Hoodie $38.00 => $27 AA4581 The Beach Boy Hoodie $58.00 => $40 AA4581p8 Heather Beach Boy Hoodie $58.00 => $40 AA4581p9 The Beach Boy Hoodie $70.00 => $50 AA5295 Burnout Fleece Raglan Zip Up Hoodie $90=> $59 AA9095 Men's Warm-Up Zip Hoodie $68.00 => $49 AA9590 The Rocky Zip-Up Fleece Hoodie $50.00 => $35 AA9590O The Rocky Zip-Up Fleece Hoodie Overdye $50.00 => $35 AA9595 The Hoodlum Eco-Fleece Pullover Hoodie $50.00 => $35 Fleece AA5295 Burnout Fleece Raglan Zip Up Hoodie $90=> $59 AA9089 Warm-Up Fleece Pant $60 => $42 AA9090 Warm-Up Track Jacket $65.00 => $45 AA9095 Men's Warm-Up Zip Hoodie $68.00 => $49 AA9575 The Champ L/S Raglan Fleece $40.00 => $29 AA9587 The Costanza Eco-Fleece Gym Pant $50.00 => $35 AA9590 The Rocky Zip-Up Fleece Hoodie $50.00 => $35 AA9590O The Rocky Zip-Up Fleece Hoodie Overdye $50.00 => $35 AA9595 The Hoodlum Eco-Fleece Pullover Hoodie $50.00 => $35 Pants & Shorts AA9089 Warm-Up Fleece Pant $60 => $42 AA9575 The Champ L/S Raglan Fleece $40.00 => $29 AA9684 French Terry Lounge Short $40 => $29 AA9688 French Terry Sweatpants $50 => $35 Sleeveless AA4056 The Miggy Tank $18.00 => $13 AA4056CF The Printed Miggy Tank $34.00 => $25 Accessories (Scarves, Headwear, Bags, Small Accessories) AA7007 Pima Scarf $20.00 => $15 AA7012b2 The Oversized Bundle-Up Scarf $25.00 => $18 AA7022 Cinch Scarf $24.00 => $18 Ah70 Basic Chino Twill Cap $16.00 => $12 AA7015 Menage Headband $14.00 => $10 125CE The Scout Weekender $118.00 => $77 160CE The Scout Commando Sling $98.00 => $63 136CE The Scout Wallet $24.00 => $18 SALE Just like the past, if the site puts an item on sale, my price doesn’t go any lower, best I can do is match their price AA1042w3 Powder Deep V Pocket Tee $23.99 AA1042w6 Washed Deep V Pocket Tee$23.99 AA1042w7 Wash ed Deep V Pocket Tee $23.99 AA1044 Super Destroyed Deep V Pocket Tee $25.99 AA1075h Heather Destroyed Tee $24.99 AA1505 Tonal Stripe Crew $19.99 AA2607 L/S Burnout Raglan $14.99 aa4539p8 The Miz Heather Henley $29.99 aa4539p6 The Miz Striped Henley $29.99 AA4580 The Metro Hoodie $24.99 AA4705 The Scrum Stripe Crew $9.99 AA8107 L/S Thermal $23.99 OTHER ITEMS These items do not appear on the retail site, but are available for wholesale If you recognize an item, or would like to see a picture and description of an item, feel free to email me Because of that, you’ll have to also message me for pricing on these items AA07 Basic L/S Crew AA1032 The Basic V-Neck AA1070g1 Pigment Dyed Basic Crew AA1075 Destroyed Tee AA1075g1 Pigment Dyed Destroyed Crew AA1088 Acid Wash Tee AA1124 A Game S/S Football Tee AA1126 A Game ¾ Sleeve V-Neck AA1156 A Game Tank AA1157 A Game Striped Tank AA1392 The Wally Cardigan AA1392p8 Wally Cardigan AA1975 L/S Eco-Heather Crew AA4054 Jersey Tank AA4101 The Palisades Pique Polo AA4805 The Dean Slub Crew AA4832 The Versailles Slub V-Neck AA4847 The Joey Slub L/S Crew AA6032 The V-Gan Organic V-Neck AA9290 Fleece Zip Hoodie AA9295 Fleeece Pullover Hoodie AA9590f1 The Rocky Striped Eco-Fleece Zip Hoodie
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do you have all colours?
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please before let me know shipping cost!!
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apparently alternative likes to add items to wholesale before they add them to their own site so here are a few new/coming soon items. I've added pictures to items not on their main site in the original listing as well to make things easier.

Tonal Stripe Tee

Gym Rat Tee

Sub Tee

Color-Blocked Champ Sweatshirt

..and just in case someone wants an alternative snuggie...

Couch Potato (will add to any order for only $25)
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gonna hop on this with my next paycheck. There are some better deals for some items on the net but no one place has this much at these prices. Fast too!
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order done, payement done, james hopefully good now!!!
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first order sent out last week
next order scheduled for next Friday

new item for this order..

The Color-Blocked Rocky Hoodie

pm for details, colors, pricing, etc. since it's not on the main site yet
basically just a cheaper version of the robert geller seconds combo hoodie
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i don't think I've ever had a sale or special before but figured it was worth a shot..

order will hopefully go in on Friday with enough orders, so you have a few days to take advantage of it

basically, buy 5 or more in any color/size combination and get 40% off retail of the aa4805 The Dean Slub Crew
or you can think of it as buy 4 at my price, get one free..

Retail for 5: $28 x 5 = $140
My Regular Price for 5: $21 x 5 = $105
Special for 5+: $17 x 5 = $85

Available colors: Black, Dark Hunter, Elephant, Ice Blue, Midnight, Raisin, Sea Blue, Violet, and White

pm/email me ( with any questions or to order

hopefully this goes well and I'll continue to offer specials on different items every order
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placed a order, items arrived soon! i love alternative at this price!!
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new system doesn't really allow for this to keep going, especially with superfuture's market so busy as well, i'll do one more order, hopefully 7/22 and that might be it. Trying to have a special didnt work, so I'll offer Free US Shipping this time around. pm/email me orders.
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hoping to put the last order in tomorrow

get an extra 5% off any item when you order 5+
(ex. AA1973 Eco-Heather Crew $24.00 => $18 when you buy 5+ they become $16 each, so you save $10)

free US shipping still applies

pm or email me (
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free bump. good seller
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