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English shirt, italian suit

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Ok...for all those who read my earlier post, I got myself a nice black Zegna suit. My question now is: is there any reason not to wear a nice English spread-collar shirt with it? I can't see one myself, but figured I'd ask. I really like the looks of the Thomas Pink shirts... Anyone have any color suggestions? Something that'll look nice for a wedding - but not too boring. thanks, iain
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It would definately be fine to wear a english shirt such as Pink with a italian suit. Check out the Pink website; there is a shirt/tie combo that I'm crazy about. Its the black spread collar shirt with the black/white polka-dot tie. I think this would look really sharp with your black Zegna. This look may be too formal or too mobid to your tastes and not appropriate for the wedding your attending, but just one suggestion nevertheless.
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No problem. And while you're at it, wear a French tie and a Swiss watch.
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Also no problem...Mike C.'s color suggestion sounds great,too.
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