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One of a kind men's stores

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I'm glad you posted about Van Boven. I go to U of M and I pass that store every day. I've never actually bought anything there but I dig it. They have modern stuff as well as some vintagey inspired stuff (especially the blue windowpane jacket/ light blue slacks combo in the window display as we speak). I've never heard of those others you mentioned but I'm gonna have to try them now.
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Mike, you have to admit that the displays in VanBoven's windows are second to none. Go in and get to know Gary and the others. In the summer, during Art Fair Week, they have a huge sale. Regarding other posts about Harry Rosen's--yes, it is a terrific store. It is always a "must" stop when I go to Toronto. Alas, many of the great gentleman's stores that used to dot the Toronto scene are long gone. I remember one that always had the best shirts and ties from England.
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Buddahlax: Of course. Clarinetplayer: There are a couple of great web sites for British stuff: And you can get Turnbulland Asser at Neiman-Marcus, and Kilgour, French, Stanbury at Barney's (don't know how far you are from Chicago). I have more resources if you're interested. And all this info will be in my book.
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GQ geek, I've been in there too and have also found the staff to be rather usless to say the least. They are ,however, much better than the people working in that dreadful Giorgio store( in les cours mont royal). That place is just awful the service is lousy and most of their items are from past seasons anyways but still marked as new arrivals, I don't if anyone else has noticed this. If you want decent service may I suggest Harry Rosen, I haven't been in Montreal for long so I can't claim to be the authority on excellent shopping locations but from my limited experince I have found the service at Harry's to be the best. Anyways since you also seem to live here maybe you can suggest a few stylish and upscale clubs in the Montreal area. I have ventured to a few that I heard were supposed to be uscale (737, ilume and Kokino's) but was not very impressed. Would appreciate any suggestions you might have.
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Wow. has detachable collar shirts. That is simply awesome; I haven't seen these anywhere else. Thanks Steve.
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In New York, there's a great independent store called Camouflage. They sell mostly "trendy" European lines like Helmut Lang, Samsonite Blacklabel, Burberry, Clements Ribeiro, Etro, etc. The store is great for the selection of lines which are hard to find. But the owners are great too.
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You're welcome, J. I try to have some useful information.
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thc: I've heard of that store, but have yet to visit. May be coming to NY for BEA end of this month. Do you have an address and phone number?
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To Steve B: Wow. Thanks for the terrific websites.
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CP: You're welcome. I think I'm going to order some stuff from N&L myself. Prices are really good, and I hear their quality is also. Steve
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Camouflage is at 141 8th Ave at 17th St. The phone # is 212-741-5173.
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A while ago, "Mike" wrote that he saw a wonderful blue windowpane coat in the window of the venerable Van Boven store in Ann Arbor, MI. Just saw it last night--what a perfect combination (trousers, shirt, and the perfect summer tie.) I hope that they have it in 39 R.
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thc: Thanks for the address. I'll be sure to visit when I'm in your fair city in 3 weeks or so. Steve B.
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