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What does "comb." mean in a shoe?

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I have, for example, a pair of AE Richmond, marked
01618 10
8407 comb. 1433

Which number set is the model set (the one I can use at the AE website to determine the last)?

What does 'comb.' abbreviate or mean?

I presume these are three different sets of numbers. Which signifies what?

BTW, what is the last for AE Richmond?

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My deductive reasoning leads me to believe combination.
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
as for what combo means... It could either be a custom combo of heel size versus width, or maybe a custom combo of the upper and the last. know what I mean? this might tell you the last: (a pic off an ebay listing of a pair of Richmonds)
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Not positive but I believe "comb" refers to a combination last. Meaning narrow heel and wider vamp or visa, versa. Could be an older shoe.
Let us know.
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I think on AE it means combination heel. If you look at the heel it is part leather part rubber.
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The #8407 is the style / color # / with the last diget 7 indicating it is on the #7 last ( old #97 last ).
I'm with Jack2000, in that comb, means combination heel -- half rubber / half leather
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Thank you, all, very much. The heel, now that I consider it, is certainly rubber and leather, so comb. signifying a combination type heel makes sense. Also appreciate the last ID, which also helps me to finally understand the AE last chart. Photos also of great interest! Yes, my pair is an older Richmond.
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Given the good counsel of the combination last, some other, older shoes of mine (AE et al.) incl. "comb.", and it appears the concept of 'combination', and last, re width/heel, is correct. The pair mentioned has a leather/rubber heel, to answer a previous question. Many thanks!
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