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Originally Posted by jakedizzle View Post

They're handmade and 007 approved,

Approved by a fictitious secret agent? OK. nod[1].gif
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I just bought a pair, from was shipped via dhl in 4 days, from israel.....hahahha, for 4.99
Glasses were 150

Didnt even see them yet...i smell a refund
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The place where i ordered my 714's was an eBay account called "theaspects4u" they seem pretty legit even

though i haven't gotten them yet, they cone with all the information and warranty that you would expect them

to cone with, and they say that they are an official seller. I will wait and see how they are when they come. smile.gif

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Any updates on your real or otherwise Ebay Persols? 

I ordered some from theaspects4u and am a little nervous now at the low 140$ asking price- 

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Originally Posted by Seth Moody View Post

Any updates on your real or otherwise Ebay Persols? 
I ordered some from theaspects4u and am a little nervous now at the low 140$ asking price- 

Now is that the vendor that wrote...
"We buy them from Italy. They have all the signs needed.
We are internet company that proud to give great products in a reasonable price.
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Ok, ive received mine...
If they are fake, i will send the seller my congratulations, and will gladly keep them even at 140

I even weighted them 45 grams, exactly like oem specs...everything looks great. Its really weird....seems so suspicious, butnno matter how deep i dig, i find nothing
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Yeah, the aspects4u check 649s check out as well! Right weight, details, etc., and I'm not new to Persols- I wonder if they make their bread and butter off selling easier to fake Ray Bans, etc., and they keep the more boutique brands in their inventory to legitimize the whole site? I don't know, but I do know these real 649s only cost me 150$(!)- Maybe they're hot? Crazy... 

Or maybe they're resold returns? 

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Ordered a pair of 714s from Ebay based out of Encino as well - called eyewear direct.  Saying they are shipping DHL from Israel.  I see one person on here says he can't find anything to indicate if they are fake.  Any one else have the same experience?

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Stop looking gift horses in the mouth, people. I've a pair of 649s and 714s from Sunglass Hut and at least two pairs of each from eBay sellers in Israel and the USA. I've compared them in every detail and absolutely cannot distinguish the eBay ones from the Sunglass Hut ones.

It would make no business sense for counterfeiters to sell fakes so well made as to be indistiguishable from the real thing, but then sell in such small numbers via a couple of eBay accounts.

Conclusion? We have access to genuine Persols at amazing prices. I for one am not complaining.
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The first pair of Persol 714Sm i bought i had no doubt that they were real. They were the original 10,000 run, with the blue lense and black frame.

But the second pair i got much cheaper ($230 instead of $410 i paid for the original ones) are meant to be the rerelease, and i am unsure about them. black with the grey lenses. The case has a bit more dark patches in the leather, all the documentation matches up the same. The material used on the glasses all looks the same, all the joins look the same

they might be the size up, but they do look slightly different to my other pair. On my first pair the arms were really straight, and the new ones the curve in a bit at the end. I'm hopping they just changed the design slightly since the first run. The first ones did fall off my head a bit.

If they are fakes, they are really well done fakes. I could just be suspicious because i love my first ones so much, and i don't have the same attachment with the second pair.


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I had to return several very questionable 649s from theaspecs before giving up and pulling the trigger on a real pair of vintage RATTIs from an Italian seller.

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