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"Loudmouth Golf" pants...

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Just came accross these and I was wondering what people think of them as golf/casual pants...

Obviously some of them are way over the top, but would you wear any of them in public?
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the public golf course, maybe
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If you want loud yet classy... I love IJP for both on the links and casually.
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There are a couple I would wear. I wouldn't begrudge anyone for wearing any of those pants. Might as well have some fun on the golf course. It's not like anyone would wear those to an interview.
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I think when it comes to golf the rules of colour somewhat go out the window, but those are pretty ugly.
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Looks like clown gear to me.
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I wouldn't wear them as I can get all the free Zubazzs I want. Not surprisingly, I own no Zubazzs.

The Ian Poulter website sucks and I cannot comment on the designs since I cannot see them.
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These remind me of those loud workout pants that bodybuilders used to wear to the gym back in the 80's. They developed a rather bad reputation as many of those guys who wore them were d*cks.
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I enjoy wearing fun clothing on the course. I find I take myself too seriously if I'm wearing muted colors.
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