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In search of custom suits

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I'm looking for custom made suits in the NY,NJ area. Any suggestions? Also, what happened to the GQ web site? It has been reduced to nothing but gay bashing and nonsense.
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JLA: I have some suggestions, but they will depend on how much you want to spend..... Steve B.
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I have no idea... Any information would be of help. I buy off-the-rack suits and even after some tailoring, they don't fit as well as I'd like.
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I was leafing through a legal newspaper when I ran across an advertisement insert for Jiwani custom made suits (website: www.jiwani.com).  Their suits run from $699 to $1,899.  They have locations in NYC and Parsippany, NJ, and several other major cities.  I have no idea how well-made their products are, and am curious myself.  The input of anyone with any knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
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Ambulance:  I also see those Jiwani inserts in various legal publications, and know a few lawyers who've purchased custom made suits and accessories from them.   I'm personally not a big fan (at least from what I've seen).  And although their prices are reasonable for a custom-made suit, they're not cheap either.  I think it may be worth a first foray into the world of custom-made clothing, but not much more than that.  In other words, if you're real anxious to try a custom-made suit but don't want to (or can't) spend significant bucks to do it, this might not be a bad starter experiment.  Assuming you have no major bodily deformities that would significantly benefit from the custom process, my thought is to stick with off-the-rack (or, as a compromise, made-to-measure) "brand names" for that price (if you have a good tailor, that is). By the way, Tom James Clothiers is another Jiwani-like company that, in my view, does similar work at comparable prices.  And although they're somehow affiliated, I think, with Oxxford (arguably the best American-made suit you can buy), most of what I've seen from them hasn't been terribly impressive.  That, unfortunately, hasn't stopped the local Tom James rep from continuing to solicit me at my office on a regular basis.  Same concept, though, on the introduction to the world of custom-made (the good thing about Tom James, I suppose, is that they come to your office for the various fittings- one of only a handful of occasions in which you'll find yourself in your office pants-less).
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Most of the high-end men's stores will offer their better lines in made-to-measure, which is almost custom. Depending on how much you're willing to spend and your body-type, M2M is probably a better option than custom, as the results are near identical and the cost is much less. Still, a top-line M2M suit from a top-notch firm Brioni, Kiton, Oxxford, or Zegna in a good (Super 150's/15milmil15 quality) is going to be well into four-figures, so be prepared for sticker-shock... Check any good department store, such as Saks, Niemans, Barney's, or Bergdorf. They'll help you out. Peace, JG
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A few attorneys in my office ordered custom-made suits from a company that has a tailor that travels around the country, setting up shop in hotels and taking measurements.  The suits arrive in the mail in 5-6 weeks and the prices seem pretty good.  I suppose the proof is in the pudding, but I was under the impression that a custom-made suit requires several fittings.  Has anyone ever ordered a custom-made suit this way and is it advisable?
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I would say Kiton is very good, and sometimes they have their master tailor from Napoli fly to America for various appointments. Their prices, however are quite high. Expect to pay $2,500 for basic to over $10,000 for custom suits.
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