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Guys..guys...guys... There's a site for this (probably NSFW): http://mensunderwearguy.com/2009/04/...hive-page.aspx Excuse the homoerotic overtones, it is very well done.
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rufskin.com more homoerotic imagery but they offer made to measure man thongs!
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Homoerotic? Nahh.

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these fits pics are apparently by the same dude

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Uniqlo dry silk stretch. $13 or so a pair, and well worth it.
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One thing I have not seen mentioned in this thread is smoothness of fabric and it's potentially negative effects. One issue with the junhashimoto underwear I recently bought is the extreme smoothness of the fabric. The fabric is so smooth that it provides far less grip than 100% ribbed cotton underwear (or even your own skin) would. This can result in your jeans more easily sliding up/down when you sit and stand. While nobody else is likely to notice, the ease of slippage is felt each time you sit down.
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Why did I click on this thread at work? Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Originally Posted by Peter1 View Post
If you can get to a Muji, their boxer briefs are pretty great for $9.50 or so. Lo-pro waistband, button fly, soft n stretchy.

+1, i've tried pretty much all the 'designer' brands, muji are the most comfortable i've ever owned.
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do we need a baller undies thread??
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Pics above could use the spoiler tags
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Originally Posted by kayaker View Post
Icebreaker merino boxer briefs, hands down. Yeah they're $43, but holy shit are they comfortable. 3 pair is all you need for a week-long trip - they never really smell the way synthetic materials do.

Even if my underwear don't really smell, I still need to change them every day. There's something wrong with putting on a worn pair of underwear in the morning... but that's just me.
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