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Best Boxer Briefs... where?

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Question: Where can I get the best boxer-briefs?

My criteria:

- Preferably less than $20 per pair
- Will not stretch out
- Fairly low rise
- Simple colors like gray, black, or white
- Somewhat beefy material but still comfortable]

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american apparel baby rib boxer brief this is the only kind i wear
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these things are king, the entire line of ck stretch boxer briefs work well. under armors variety is pretty good as well.
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H&M 3 pack of black/grey/white are perfect for me.
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100% cotton boxer briefs all the way for me! I don't want them skin tight, they must have a little give. I can't stand any material other than 100% cotton. Other materials make me perspire too much down there. I have been wearing Jockey for many years. I want to venture out into something different and more stylish I'll check out the american apparel and H&M boxer briefs. Any other suggestions?
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check out ck's micro modal collection (not the x series which are a modal-cotton blend). it's the softest fabric, retains that softness through many, many washes, and don't ever pill. i have 20+ pairs in rotation and threw out all of my cotton underwear..

they retail for $24 but at the right time of year you can find them on sale for $14 at bloomies
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Sounds like you'd be best off with Dry-Fit style boxer briefs. Breathes better than cotton, lasts longer, and relatively cheap. You can find them at Target, Uniqlo, or any good sporting store like REI.
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Pretty sure this thread has been done before.... Uniqlo are my favorites (need to get more, actually). Hold up well, hasn't stretched out. Started to pile recently, but I've had them for months and I'll reach the 6 month mark soon so I'll have to wash them anyway
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^^^ u wash your underwear every 6 months? wtf
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Yeah, Uniqlo do good boxers every other season! Basically, any cotton boxers in a colour you like! Fuck CK briefs! *shivers
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Originally Posted by coco2010 View Post
^^^ u wash your underwear every 6 months? wtf
Gotta cultivate those fades, or stains as the case may be
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second the uniqlo's, simply the best and they come in a variety of colours and stripes
get the extra low rise boxer brief with stretch, will not show through any pair of skinnys
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I've always stuck heavily with 2xist.
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If you don't mind spending about 5 more bucks get Saxx. Think they are 25 a piece in their everyday boxer brief, comfortable, doesnt stretch out during the day and keeps your nuggets from sticking to your leg.
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Gant's boxer briefs are amazing and provide so much support. They are stylish without looking douchy. I think they retail for $25-$30, but I picked up one pair at Marshall's for dirt cheap and have since bought several more on ebay for $10-$12.
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