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Architecture Major

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Waiting to finish some pre-reqs to get into the Architecture program at Washington State University. Was hopefully looking for some general/specified advice if there are any architects on the site. I'm becoming very fascinated but very new and I want to absorb any and all knowledge out there.

So basically anything about internships, any helpful jobs while in college, good reads, good sites, good magazines, any information is helpful. Haha, etc. etc.

Thanks for any help, I appreciate it!
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-Wait on internships until after your third year or so. You'll be worthless (and a nuisance) to most firms until that point at the very least, and if not, you'll get stuck on a computer doing excruciatingly depressing work. Spend the first couple summers working for money by doing other work, maybe even construction. You'll need it, so save it. But make sure you do get some experience before school is out. -Learn the basics of modernism in your design studios. Don't get caught up in trying to mimic things you see in magazines to flaunt or convince others of your talent. You need a foundation of very boring design skills and construction understanding. It's best to learn how to thoroughly design "simple" buildings first rather than shallowly design complex buildings with the hopes of being able to fill in the holes as your go along. As a student, all buildings are much more complex than you perceive them to be initially, so learning about issues like water management, lighting, insulation, etc. will help you understand why any inclination towards expressive design is likely a bad one, at least initially. Another major benefit of sticking to simplistic designs is that they will age well and allow you to build a portfolio. If you get over your head trying to design things that are too complex for your rudimentary skillset, they'll look like crap and stick out like a sore thumb amongst more developed work from more experience students. Don't even bother trying to use a curving line for anything in your first two or three years. You'll feel like you're getting left behind by sexier designs of your peers, but you aren't. You'll be wise. -The best book you can pick up is Andre Deplazes' Constructing Architecture. Refer to it for everything. -Just look at lots of architecture, particularly sources of neo-modernist design like Detail Magazine, a German publication. You'll have it at school. Best websites for general viewing: -This is your all-star design team. Learn about all of their work, thoroughly, the sooner the better, and freely copy their ideas in your studios. Frank Lloyd Wright Phillip Johnson Le Corbusier Mies Van der Rohe Alvar Aalto Louis Kahn Richard Meier Peter Zumthor Tadao Ando Sverre Fehn Renzo Piano Steven Holl Kengo Kuma Fumihiko Maki Alvaro Siza Herzog & de Meuron -Don't burn yourself out in school. It's not worth it. But keep busy over the summer refining your projects and adding them to a portfolio.
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Wow, thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for.

Also, I'll be able to do some study abroad for credit at either Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen or Dublin. Any advice for a city? I am German/Irish so there's that but I've also always wanted to go to Paris and Copenhagen too.

Won't be eligible for internship(through the school) until about year 3 or 4 but that makes perfect sense, I'm edgy to get creative but I see your point definitely drill in all the basics. I just picked up a few reads off amazon:

Analysing Architecture
Simon Unwin

101 Things I Learned in Architecture School
Matthew Frederick

Constructing Architecture: Materials, Processes, Structures
Andrea Deplazes, Gerd H. Söffker
(As suggested)

Architectural Drawing Course: Tools and Techniques for 2D and 3D Representation
Mo Zell

Basically without entering the school library (actually transferring in August, been at Central Washington University) the mags I've kept up on have been:
Dwell and Architecture Digest which have been pretty unimpressive but I'm surprised that this town has even had those.

I'll check out those sites for sure, might start a blog just to start expanding my element and some networking!

I definitely need to start working on my portfolio, any specific suggestions on that?

Many thanks,

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I won't actually be able to start in the program until next year but since I've finished all my gen-eds pre-transfer, they suggest that I minor in Construction Mgmt. which I will easily be able to do with a few architecture classes thrown in, is this a good idea?
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