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Apologies, for I am new to fashion and know little to nothing about suits, but regarding your girlfriend, if you do realize that a Christian Dior suit is not what you want and you have another brand in mind, a good way to communicate that to her is to just tell her the truth but with great enthusiasm. Make it appear as if you've just discovered and fallen in love with whatever suit you really want and it should be clear to her that you would rather have said suit instead of the Dior suit without you having to explicitly turn her gift down and risk insulting her intelligence.
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I agree with ter1413, the holiday would be better. Besides you may have to return the favour and nothing says I love better than Diamonds is what the ladies say.
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Originally Posted by ter1413 View Post
This is what you do.....tell her to put the $$ towards a vacation for the both of you and take a long weekend and go someplace romantic. Tell her that you would rather spend time with her that have her buy a suit for you!

+ 1000
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Dior Homme suit is made by Caruso to my recollection. Quality is high and aesthetically the suit is designed for tall and skinny men thus if that's your body frame then you will look great. On the other hand Christian Dior "Monsieur" (if it is still exists) line was made by Canali, not sure now.
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