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Yep, that sounds right with respect to the shipping refund.

I think the shoes look fine (without seeing the gash, just with regard to the leather), but the price was probably a bit high for shoes of that vintage.

AE probably just discontinued the non-shell burgundy color--they quite periodically discontinue making certain colors.

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I think in an eBay dispute (if you win ) he refunds you original shipping. But return shipping is on you
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I've seen shell with creasing like that. Having said that the color looks uniform and odd for shell, I bought a pair of shell LWBs with layers and layers of polish caked on that looked like that. I think I see a combination tongue too.
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Originally Posted by ruben View Post
I think I see a combination tongue too.

What is this?
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Just found this on this thread:

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Just spoke with her again and the number 9147 is polished cobbler.

So there it is. Oh well.

Now just a personal decision as to whethere $71 shipped was worth it...probably not...

As for the gash, it's minor, but very there:

Here is another view:
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Actually that last pic makes them look more like shell, you can see the rolls that shell gets, and AE didn't use to use CG I don't think. But the best bet it is to call AE as someone said and read them the number printed inside the shoe, that tells them what model, last and leather is used on the shoe.
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Where are you guys getting the crazy notion that AE didn't use corrected grain in the past? AE has been using corrected grain shoes since at least the 1950s The OP's shoes are obviously corrected grain.
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That's the Ebay game. You look for "gems" and sometimes you get "lumps of coal". If seller didn't call them "shell", then you made a wrong guess. Oh well. Shoes aren't bad, and the investment was only $91. If you don't like them, return. Eat the $14 return. 'nuf said.
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In my estimation, $91 is about $91 too much for a used, damaged pair of old CG shoes. But whatever floats your penisboat.
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