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Mysuit vs Alton Lane

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I've been doing a lot of research on relatively cheap MTM places in NYC and narrowed my choices to Mysuit and Alton Lane. There were some good and bad reviews for both places. For example:

Mysuit has great customer service and turnaround time, but fit depends heavily on the sales associate that takes your measurements.
Alton Lane has a terrible turnaround time, but they have an accurate(?) method of taking measurements.

I was wondering if you guys could help me make the final decision? Is there anyone that has tried both services? Recommendations on other MTM places would be great as well.

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I haven't used either but have two good friends who have used Alton Lane. One had shirts made and recommends them; the other had suits made and hated them. Probably doesn't help much but there you go.
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Appreciate the input. Anyone else?
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bump! any help would be appreciated.
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Alton Lane is terribly slow and unless you live there, I would never recommend them. My fit on a suit and shirts was off and just could not manage remotely. The quality is outstanding however. They are very defensive which adds to the negative experience.
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Originally Posted by Jfrva View Post
Alton Lane is terribly slow and unless you live there, I would never recommend them.

My fit on a suit and shirts was off and just could not manage remotely. The quality is outstanding however.

They are very defensive which adds to the negative experience.

This perhaps sums this subject up and maybe the thread can die?
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Why are you so anxious to kill this thread?  It does not seem to me that the question has been answered at all.

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^^^^ This guy did a review on alton lane along with my.suit....hes also doing one on indochino in the next wk or so, pretty good read.

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Thanks for reading the posts and referencing them. If any of you care to give them a read check the below links. I have only done the first of 2 or 3 parts for all three companies (My.Suit, Indochino and Alton Lane). I have also seen all of the suits come back from the factories and would put My.Suit and Indochino as superior to Alton Lane as to who I would order future suits from. I can post the links to the other posts once I get them up if so desired.

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I have ordered from both these places at their shops on Madison Ave (mysuit) and 25th Street (Alton Lane).


Alton Lane experience was awful from start to finish. The suit jacket simply does not fit. The sleeves are too short, the shoulders are too tight (can't even grasp my hands in front of me while wearing the suit), and the torso is way too blousy as if I was pregnant or wanted the 'baby doll' dress look. Getting an appointment was a huge ordeal as it needs to be booked well in advance and only during the work week. The suit pants are skin tight in areas and the waist is about two inches too large. The break was full; I asked for a half break. Meanwhile, I expressed my disappointment to the tailor who told me I looked fine, and the resulting alterations (which cost me a lot of money and way too much time and delay) did not address any of my concerns. I am not sure if they even altered the suit at all.  I refuse to go back there and give them another dime of my money as I feel it would be pointless ad the he alterations so extreme they would cost more than the suit itself. It should be noted the store itself is quite stylish in a clubby Brit-meets-Wall-street kind of way. 


My mysuit suit fits me like a glove with no alterations necessary. The pants did split after a year of moderate use but that was a $5 fix at my tailor. 


I have a really tricky build with narrow shoulders and giant legs (cycling, skiing) so I was hoping these options would work out better for me.  The Alton Lane experience has really made me gun shy about these places but buying off the rack is tough as the jacket is always swimming on me while the pants look too small.  


I know this thread is old but I was hoping to spread the word.  I've contacted Alton Lane customer support to no avail. Total waste of $$ and I needed a suit really bad. Took six months from start to finish and they left me with a piece of crap. 

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Thanks for the informative review of MySuit, Gentleman. It looks like a decent option for the money, though the pulling at the shoulder blades is worrisome. I think you are right about the suit's silhouette: you could use a longer coat and a lower buttoning point. I think you are right that a higher gorge would make you look taller, but it would also make the peak lapels bat-wing off your shoulders. That's too high a price to pay. Save the over-the-shoulder gorge for notch lapel suits. MySuit got that right.

From the front, the coat's fit looks good. The pulling at the back across the shoulder blades should NOT be happening. I'd get that checked immediately.

Looks like you have a sway back. They did pretty well, considering.
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This place is a scam!!   I would recommend that you stay as far away from Alton Lane as possible.  I made a huge mistake by going there and hope that at least someone learns from my mistake.

I ordered a suit for my wedding.  They were fully aware of the date when I needed it and assured me they would have it in plenty of time.  I began to get concerned a couple of weeks before my wedding when the suit was not ready.  After numerous telephone messages and emails, I was finally able to reach someone who "investigated" the issue for over six hours.  The end result was that they never even started to make the suit.  Their stated excuse was that the fabric was back ordered and "sorry we dropped the ball."  Nobody ever shared this fact with me until after I inquired.  Of course, they had to have known it was back ordered from the day I ordered (and paid for) the suit, and every day after that for over a month.  Nobody ever shared that fact with me until I inquired.  Moreover, their website indicated that the suit had been shipped.  I am now stuck without a suit for my wedding.  So, not only could they not deliver on the promise they made, and I paid for, by "dropping the ball" and not telling me they were unable to provide the service they promised, they have prevented me from getting a legitimate tailor to make a suit for me.  I suggest that you go to any one of the many custom suit companies in New York.  I have had a lot of success with Tom James.  Unlike Alton Lane you can expect to deal with professionals--not a two-bit company masquerading behind the façade of a leather sofa and empty scotch bottles.  I feel like I was completely scammed.

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