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A couple of you had asked how my re-hab was coming along - we are finally underway and I thought I'd share a few photos. Mostly demo to this point, so nothing fancy - but I think it's pretty exciting to see spaces opening up and realizing now what is really going to happen.

Spot-a-pot and dumpster mean there's something going on here.......

Yep, this dumpster is filling up....

Inside, changes are starting to take shape. What was a small guest room off the entry, leading into a small bathroom, and then leading into the library (you can sort of see through all the doors) BEFORE:

Is now an open space, ready to frame in a bathroom and enlarged library:

And looking back the other way, from the library back towards the entry:

This is harder to tell, because I don't have exactly corresponding before and after shots, but what was once a galley kitchen with a neat little hutch (note the wall on the right, which enclosed a butler's stairs going up to the second floor as well as the stairs to the basement, a row of cabinetry, and a bathroom, all of which separated the kitchen from the den):

and the aforementioned small den with fireplace (i'm standing in the doorway of the bathroom looking into the den)

Are now all opened up. The walls and cabinets and bathroom that once divided these two rooms are all gone (we're looking thru the wall that was to the right in the photo of the hutch, and standing right where the hutch was (it has been temporarily removed but will be put back)), creating an open kitchen/den plan:

The big, open living room (and the aforementioned library at the far end of the room, right side) is now cluttered with a few pieces of furniture I'm storing but also a lot of salvaged cabinets and pieces of the hutch and other trim that we'll try to re-use:

Upstairs, and this is again hard to see all before and after, but this was the master bedroom BEFORE. Note the wall on the left hand side just beyond the fireplace:

Behind that wall were a row of rooms: Bedroom, bathroom, another bathroom, and then another tiny bedroom (about 9x10ft!). Well, now that wall at left has been torn down, as have all the walls between those bedrooms and bathrooms, so that we can replace them with a closet, a master bath, plus a single bedroom with ensuite bathroom. All is open and you can see clean from one end of the building to the other (note the fireplace brick at left):

This is now looking back the other way - I'm standing right by that baby clawfoot tub and looking back towards the master:

Harder to explain what this is from a layout standpoint, but it's upstairs just at the top of the former butler stairs, where there was a bathroom and closet - the bathroom is now gone, tile floor and subfloor removed, and you can see down through the joists, down through the downstairs bathroom that was demo'ed, and clean through to the basement:

An example of some of the types of issues we've run into: The gutters, flashing, and roof all needed shoring up. Water damage had created some issues with roof eaves and fascia boards:

Anyways, sorry for the size of the post and the images. I'll try to post more progress as it happens over the coming 4-5 months. Maybe in a bit if I have time I'll try to post the before and after plans too, so you can see a bit more clearly what the layout was, what the demo has been, and what we'll be putting back.
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That's awesome Douglas. Definitely keep us updated. You're not living there while all this shit is going on, are you?
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crazy undertaking. butler isn't allowed upstairs anymore?
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hell, no, definitely not living there yet. butler was a casualty of the health care bill.
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Originally Posted by mordecai View Post
Well, I like the artist a lot, and I do like the piece (it's hard to see any figurative elements in the photo I took), but it isn't my favorite, and I would not have bought that one were I buying (or even remotely able to afford) something from him. . It was a gift, and we also circulate what's hanging from our collection. That one is recent, which is also why it isn't framed yet. I need to get around to doing that.

I've heard that there is a certain private chef who is also a master framer.
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Originally Posted by iammatt View Post
I've heard that there is a certain private chef who is also a master framer.

and because of his superb interpersonal skillz, a master baiter of old widows.
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you guys slay me

btw, this is a piece by that artist that i am moar fond of

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Nice start, Douglas. Are you replacing the turned spindles on the second floor railing with the squared off ones?

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Wow, lefty. That's an eye for detail. Actually, both the turned ones and the square ones are original. Each wall of railing has a set of the turned ones in the middle, with squared ones on the sides. We are not changing them at all; just leaving it all as-is. I didn't love the turned ones at first myself, but they're original and part of the quirky charm of the place, and they don't bug me anymore.
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Really? Surprised to hear that as they look like a fix and don't fit the house.

You just saved a few grand.

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Glad to see an update on the place, Douglas. I noticed a shot of the driveway. The stones appear secure.
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Originally Posted by zbromer View Post
I noticed a shot of the driveway. The stones appear secure.

Yeah, until the mailman shows up.
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Are you doing any of the work yourself Douglas?
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Douglas, that place looks freaking wicked. I cant wait to see the finished product!

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