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CvsF jeans Sz 29!

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S'up y'all. I'm here clearing out the last few things I have that I have grown out of. You know the deal on these. Really great products for really cheap. The oxfords are all size small and the tattersale is a medium (from the first run, so it lines up with a size small). All well taken care of and clean. I'm a good smelling dude. Crate vs Farinelli slim straight jeans size 29. F*** what you may have heard, these jeans are awesome. Still raw and only slightly faded in the worn areas. Size 29 will work for anyone between that and 30 depending on how you want it to fit. I sized down one to accommodate for the little bit of stretch that went on. $45 Shipped CONUS waist: 30.25 rise: 9.5 thigh: 11 knee: 8 hem: 7.5 Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
SOLD ITEMS: WvG Peach oxford WvG Spearmint Oxford WvG Blue/Red Tattersale Button-down WvG Royal Grape Oxford
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Pm'd about the shirts
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measurements on the shirts?
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Apparently you're also a miniature dude. WTF. Were you in a band and couldn't eat at the time?! DAMN.
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^I'm not so little anymore. I'm all swole up to Mediums now! Awww shit.

Drops on the jeans.
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rain drops.
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hey, please respond to my pm's
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Still waiting for a pm response regarding a purchased item.
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