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inlove.gif my laptop is so pretty
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Does anyone have a Thinkpad tablet? I am looking at picking one up this week, they look pretty cool. 

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X220 no. I did handle a W510 touchscreen. It was ok. Not sure if the X220 tablet screen will be as nice as an X220 IPS screen.
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i think he's talking about the new thinkpad tablet, not the thinkpad 220t

it looks dope. i like the aesthetics of it
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Oh yeah you're right. Tablet going to have Android?
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already out with honeycomb.


gorilla glass, ips screen, digitizer pen (should be better than a capacitative stylus ala ipad). i just wish they would use the wp7 os instead of android. android is way too buggy for me and i hear the wp7 handwriting recognition software is very very nice. i guess there's a workaround for that somehow.

also that clamshell keyboard accessory thing is very very cool. and the tablet looks like it's built like a thinkpad. super tempted

peepwall[1].gif but i kinda want a toj quilted dr more than a tablet
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that tablet review sounds pretty horrific for $499
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the sluggishness is apparently common in reviews, but not a big problem. the other issues (for ex the buttons being too stiff) apparently the reviewer just didnt spend enough time on it.
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Had to share this.

If anyone is looking for a stupidly good deal on a thinkpad, or a computer in general look at this.

Core i5, 8 gigs of DDR3, 160GB ssd X220 for $799.99. (plus a free $100 microsoft giftcard).

Seriously, that's like half price. In my opinion the X220 is one of the best PCs currently on the market.

If I hadn't just bought an X220 a few months ago I would jump all over this

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