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Luxottica rip off?

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So I bought some new Revo sunglasses at full retail for $ there differences in quality between Luxottica brands that justify the price? I have Maui Jim glasses and those in my opinion are worth the money they just are not very stylish. Is there another brand I should be considering?
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Although Luxottica manufacturers many sunglasses their certainly are quality differences. Frame materials, lens quality, ect. I purchased a pair of Oliver Peoples 5 years ago and have become quite loyal to the brand.
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Oliver Peoples have the best lenses in that price range.
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Yeah I'm not a fan of Luxottica. Like mentioned before Oliver Peoples (they also make Mosley Tribes, Paul Smith) or Barton Perreira (former Oliver peoples alum). Get the ones made in Japan and although the list is almost double ($300-$550) you can sometimes find a few pairs on sale.
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Most Maui Jims are polarized, which is more expensive.
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i thought serengetis were cool... not sure who makes em
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Serengetis are made by Bushnell. Their glass lenses are Photochromic so I use them a lot for driving.


Until recently, I would have recommended Costa Del Mar sunglasses, too. Some have glass lenses and Costas are very popular with the Florida crowd, especially those who spend a lot of time on the water. I have two very different pairs and like them both. Then I read in 2013, the Florida company was bought by Essilor. In 2014, I saw a pair of Costa sunglasses for sale that were made in China. Sigh.


Two other options to consider are Kaenon and Ocean Waves, both US companies. I have a pair of each of these and they convinced me that polarized lenses don't always have to be glass to be worth bringing home. 

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Persol is made by luxotica, they are good quality to me. Serengueti is suppose to be a great brand

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