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Spring/summer sales

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How many pieces do you think would be left if I went shopping for the sales in mid-august? thats the only time I have off to go travel and get some nice clothes. Should I even bother?
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HR: You never know...Particularly this year with the economic downturn. And every store is different, depending on how their sales are doing. Where were you thinking of going? Perhaps I could provide some additional information...
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Well, I am either going to Toronto or Ottowa the week of August 19th. So I guess I'll be going to Holt Renfrew in Ottowa (That's the only place there that I am aware of in Ottowa) And the Holt's in Toronto, as well as maybe the boutiques in Bloore - Yorkville. I am just worried there won't be much left there on sale when I go.
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Don't even bother with holt renfrew in ottawa. The mens department is TINY. Seriously, it doesn't even occupy a whole floor. You'd be better off checking out the harry rosen in the big mall. Last year I went to ottawa aroudn that time and they still had some really good stuff marked down 50%. The holt renfrew on bloor st. would be a different story, but I think they clear stuff out faster in toronto and montreal, than they do in ottawa.
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Sorry, Guys: Completely clueless re Canadian shopping.... Perhaps next edition.
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HR in Toronto already has signs "now or never" sale...I don't think you'll get anything decent in August. Make sure you check their outlet up on Steeles though.
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Thanx for all the help, guys. I'm pretty sure it's ottowa I'm going to, My aunt lives there so I'll have some one to visit as well as shop with. Has anyone ever heard or Shad's in ottowa? I'm not positive if that's the correct name, but from what I hear, its a good clothing store. Anyone ever hear of it? I'm kind of intimidated going into a Harry Rosen, with the brioni and Kiton suits and all in there, I don't know if I could afford anything. In particular, I am looking for pieces from D&G's spring/summer collection as pieces in Burberry's nova check, or anything else that appeals to me. Anyways, any info on "Shad's" would be greatly appreciated and one more question.. D&G has a neat new belt out for the fall/winter collection, with the buckle being the D&G logo. Anyone have any idea the price range this belt would be in? I know D&G is Dolce&Gabbana's cheaper bridge line, but how much cheaper? I don't get to go shopping out of town that often. Thanx again.
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Most of the good stuff is gone from the Holt's in Toronto. They're moving the fall stuff in, so summer stuff has gone to the outlet on Steeles (west of Yonge.) Even then, the good stuff is gone from the outlet pretty quick as well . The Harry Rosen outlet is in Mississauga, and the selection there wasn't bad.
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How deep were the Holt's discounts? I didn't see things down more than 20-30%. After taxes you're still paying about the same as the retail price =\\
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Salespeople not very helpful are they.. oh well. I just want to know all this stuff before I head out. I don't want to get there and find out theres nothing I like, or can afford. Hopefully, even though the Ottowa Holt Renfrew men's section is small, they'll have some items I'm interested in. I doubt I'll find what im looking for, though. I may just buy from the fall/winter items. Does anyone know what price range Gianfranco Ferre's items are in? Can anyone compare them to a more popular designer? Theres a sweater I really like, that I hope I can find when I set out. Here it is : Sweater Can anyone tell me around how much money that would cost? I'm kind of clueless when it comes to all of this, considering I live in a tiny town that has yet to see even a Gap or an Old Navy, much less a Harry Rosen or Holt's.
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Jetlab: discounts at Holt's were 20-50%, sometimes more, depending on the item. I'd say the average is around 25% or so. I certainly don't mind a 25% discount, especially given the 15% GST+PST combination. I picked up several Dirk Schonberger pieces that were about 40% off (190>100, 260>140, etc.), a Boss denim suit (which will probably be unwearable in two months, but what the hell and a couple of Dolce & Gabbana pieces. High_Roller: sweaters vary tremendously in price depending on their material & the designer. Cashmere can run $500 and up, even on sale. $250-$350 is typical for cotton or wool.
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I wouldn't be intimidated about going in to a Harry Rosen. They leave the snobbish attitudes for the small boutiques. The first time I went in there I was dressed in nothing special cause I had shopped at gap up until then. They're smart enough not to alienate future customers who perhaps aren't dressed extremely well the first time they walk in. The Harry in Ottawa isn't that big but the selection is MUCH better than at Holt's. The salespeople are also more useful there. I don't think they have any(or much) D&G at the Ottawa location and they don't carry Burberry (Holt's does, but not in Ottawa, or at least not when I was there). Neither Holt's nor Harry carry Ferre (their suits run about 1500 CDN, or at least the one I saw at a different store in montreal). Off the top of my head, the main names they carry at Harry in Ottawa are: Boss Hugo Boss, Armani Collezioni, Canali. I can't remember if they carried brioni or zegna at that store (if they did it was a small selection of each). The holt's in ottawa has boss, canali and the store's label with almost nothing else. It occupies half of the first floor with lots of open floor space. I guess the men in Ottawa don't do much shopping, or they do it all when they travel to Toronto or Montreal heh.
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Heh jetlab, which location was this at? All the people i've dealt with in montreal were very helpful (if anyone wants names of good salespeople just ask, I know most of them heh) and there's an Indian guy in the Ottawa store that's pretty good also.
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For the different labels that are carried at the various Harry Rosen stores, check out their website ( there's a PDF file with all the locations and what labels they carry.
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I checked that out...I'm definately not a big fan of the labels all the stores carry, the one in Toronto seems nice, but the one it ottawa i wouldn't be a big fan of.
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