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Shoes for a tuxedo

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I have 3 pairs of black polished shoes that I have to choose from to wear with my tuxedo. 1. Plain toe wholecuts 2. Plain toe derby 3. Cap toe oxford Kind of an emergency. I have a wedding coming up and I don't have time to buy new shoes. Which of these is the lesser of 3 evils? myke
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After seeing photos, definitely the wholecuts. Definitely.
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I think many would argue plain toe whole-cuts are the optimum shoe to wear.

Those would be fine and probably so would the cap toe oxfords. Whichever are sleeker and whichever you can make shinier are the ones I would pick.
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Not speaking "ex cathedra", style-wise, but from my own personal preferences, I would opt for either the wholecuts or the cap-toe oxfords, in that order. Derbies are generally considered a less formal shoe, so I would be least likely, myself, to use them were I confronted with the same dilemma.

That being said, having seen your postings, I would also note that you should wear whatever shoes are sleekest (which, for you, should be easy - all your shoes, IIRC, are pretty sleek).

Utter correctness will not be totally served by any of the above selections, but so long as there is no metal, the shoes are highly polished, and they are elegant of line, only the most persnickety of posters here would object - certainly not the other guests at the wedding.
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Updated with pics of my actual shoes. myke
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I would wear the wholecuts even if I had other options.

May I ask the board what the "ideal" tux shoes are?
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I hate wholecuts, but have to vote #1 given the selection...

#2 and 3 are too janky. Wait, I could have that backwards; maybe they're not janky enough!
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The wholecuts!
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From your pictures, the whole cuts.

The captoes are too square really...
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The first are pretty good; Sean Connery wore chelsea boots and loafers with his tux in early 007 films.
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