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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post
gale got my back, whos got yours frenchy?

thats more like it

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Originally Posted by FLMountainMan View Post
One shoving match in law school, a brief scuffle at a tailgate (body-slammed a drunk kid twice), that's it. I hate getting that mad. My face gets all twitchy and I feel out-of-control. Also had several near fights in soccer and basketball games.

CSFLMM - I played basketball about 15-20 hours a week for about ten years, from age 18 to 28. I frequently played on ghetto courts, especially in my younger years and never felt physically threatened.

When I was 24, I was playing in a middle class, white & asian St. Pete neighborhood. The crowd was pretty diverse, though, an equal mix of asian, hispanic, black and white. A black kid (about 19-20) kept bullying a younger skinny thai kid on my team, so much that me and two other dudes (one of them black) had to step in and cool things down. They flared up again about five minutes later, black kid bounces the ball off asian kid's head. Asian kid starts screaming obscenities on his way to his bike and leaves. Another kid steps in for Asian kid.

We think it's over, and my team begins to trounce black kid's team. We'd been going at the kid hard since the bullying incident, talking shit to him, turning his teammates against him, etc... Kid bitches a bit but quiets down. We play another game after that and then we're all on the side of the court grabbing water. I'm arguing with the black kid, trying to tell him he shouldn't do shit like that - it's not nice, etc.., he's pulling the "man's game" card, when a riced-out Celica pulls up.

Thai kid and an older thai kid come up. Black kid is setting on a bench about four feet from me. Older Thai kid pulls out a gun, points it at black kid and tells him to apologize. I back away. No one says a word. Black kid mumbles out an apology. Older Thai kid has him repeat it a few times. The two Thai kids leave. Black kid leaves about a minute afterward. We talk about it a bit more, doing the various re-enactments and jokes, and then go back to playing. Crazy though.

Don't fuck with the Asians.
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Originally Posted by Surfrider View Post
The notion of a "fair" or "honorable" fight generally doesn't exist in the real world anymore. Once upon a time, perhaps, a couple guys with a serious disagreement could resolve the issue with a punch-up, mutually agreeing that the loser was, well, the loser. But not anymore. Nowadays, friends jump in to help their losing buddy. Nowadays, losers who are able to get up off the floor after the blows abate leave, and come back with knives or guns. Nowadays (with our litigious society, an juries often sympathetic to the loser of a confrontation regardless of whetner or not they deserved their licks) you need to be sure that violence is truly necessary and defensible in court. And if it is, you need to visit said violence upon your opponent with extreme prejudice, removing not only his ability to harm you at that moment, but also his ability to pursue you and harm you in the immediate future. Then, of course, you need to get your ass out of the area, and contact the authorities asap.

I'm not sure the notion of a "fair" or "honorable" fight ever really existed anymore then it does today, beyond very socially regimented circumstances like duels. The bolded statements probably are not new things.
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Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger View Post
Since the birth of my daughter, I don't even think about it, unless its her or my son thats in harms way. You just never know what people have up their sleeves.

I'm a long way from having kids, but I follow this theory. It's too dangerous to get into street fights these days. I prefer to apologize when necessary and make myself scarce. I have nothing to prove.
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2 real fist fights on a basketball court
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Originally Posted by Barnabus View Post
Agreed i'm six foot two and 240 pounds and an avid bodybuilder
Pics or it didn't happen.
Originally Posted by Gradstudent78 View Post
I'm not sure the notion of a "fair" or "honorable" fight ever really existed anymore then it does today, beyond very socially regimented circumstances like duels. The bolded statements probably are not new things.
If we're talking about two incensed gentlemen squaring off after exchanging verbose, and impeccably-composed insults against one another's parentage, then I agree with you. But I was thinking more along the lines of, say....a bar fight ending with a gunshot or stab wound victim wasn't as common in, say, 1948 as it might be today. Although, I'd be interested to see some hard data on that...
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