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what do you guys think about the two 1818 suit for $1499? Good deal?
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TBH, I've seen some staples go on sale during clearances for 450-600 ish. Would have to grab them fast but they have happened. I don't mean like 5 years ago, it happened more than once in the last two years. But, if you're a rare size and you have your eyes set on 2 suits already, go for it. My advice if you're a regular though, buy discounted giftcards from sites like giftcard.com, cardpool.com, or something similar. If you can get a 18-20% discount on the giftcards, that's saving another good $300, bringing it down to $1200. Check the web descriptions and if any say they come with functional buttons, you could convince your SA to comp those too.

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On their website, some 1818 suits are listed as half-canvas, others do not have any info on canvas, is it safe to assume the all 1818 are half-canvas?
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From my own experience, including feeling the fabrics and asking my favorite associate, the 1818's are half-canvassed and the Golden Fleece line is full canvassed. The only exceptions would be some of the linen stuff I believe, which comes un-constructed except for some shoulder. The safest bet would be to call in and ask because Brooks Brothers as an affinity for differing between online descriptions and real life products. I know a tweed jacket I purchased was supposed to have side vents and functional buttons because I had them ship it in from the warehouse after seeing it online. I had to convince them to comp the buttons but there really isn't anything to do about the vents. Most of their suits are center vented though but you should read the online descriptions or if possible, inspect in store.

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