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Originally Posted by Manton View Post
Already is thread on this.

Also, if there are no Azn leaders, who is running China?

We are. By buying all of their garbage and using their labor.
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Originally Posted by redcaimen View Post
You must be my age. That book came out when I was a kid. Remember the mafia blowjobs?

Hellz yeah, and the seduction of young gawky men...that book was indeed formative.
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Does this all lead back to nature versus nurture?
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I'm surprised nobody's said this yet, considering this is the internet. Maybe some Asian's don't get into leadership positions because they look different. There's a reason there's affirmative action. Let's not pretend racism doesn't still exist.
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My experience from working with management from both Asia and America...

Americans respect people with very high confidence who have a brash and aggressive style. ALL american managers that ive worked with have been like this. in fact ive never met a shy american. It must be beat out of them in primary school or something. Even young people can make it into management through being aggressive and activing confident - even when they havent had time to learn the core skills of the trade.

Asians are traditionally more respectful of humility and being humble. they tend to respect seniority and years of experience more. They also tend to be more shy and polite. These traits probably dont lend themselves to being seen as 'management material' in the US.
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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post
I don't know if I completely agree with this. While I do agree that growing up in a family of leaders makes it easier, however I think some of that is in our genetics and is more nature vs. nuture. My father and his 3 brothers are first generation Americans and they all are very successful and none of them did amazing academically. My one uncle teacher told him to go to a trade school and learn HVAC or something. He told them to fuck off and he ended up being a dentist, captain in the navy, and now has his own dental practice. They all have a similar type A way about them too.

I really do think it is about having more than book smarts. They knew how to manage themselves and other people around them. So, I really don't think academics has anything to do with it, it is knowing the game and playing it in your own favor. I see it all the time at my company, these genius Asians working away, getting the boss answers as quickly and as meticulously as possible and they always complain there is no way to get ahead. Meanwhile they are always the ones sitting there waiting to be told to do things rather than making decisions on what should be done. It is like they are calculators who are there when you need them but ultimately need to be programed to do what you want.

These guys went to college and graduated like everybody else and learned the same material. Nobody in college teaches anybody how to play the corporate game, or act in your own favor and get ahead. They probably should, but the fact of the matter is that most of the learning that you do is when you are thrown to the wolves. Some people get the social aspect of it and some people don't.

I hate the term "book smarts". It's used as the negative half of a false dichotomy.

I also find the idea that leaders are born and not raised laughable. Like I said, yes, there are exceptions, but by-and-large, people grow into the roles for which they are groomed. I hear about programs that are designed to help minorities (African Americans and Latinos in disavantaged conditions, in particular) speak and comport themselves in such a way that the mannerisms they've learned since birth do not impeded their progress in corporate America. By the same token that African Americans are not born mean-mugging, and Latinos are not born calling people "Holmes", Asians are not born mumbling, unable to make eye contact, etc...

There is actually a phrase in Cantonese "Dai Fong" which roughly translated, means "generous", but also encompasses openness and expansiveness, and other qualities which correspond very closely to the characteristics that Americans, in particular, like to call "leadership" qualities." So yes, in Chinese culture, at least, these qualities are valued.
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you guys are thinking about it the wrong way.

There is no reason to think that something built and designed by one group of people would possibly be equally accommodating to other people.

white males made the "business world" what it is, I'm guessing in the early 1900s. one ofyou Penn history majors correct my dates.

there's a reason why blacks, women, asians, etc etc feel exceedingly out of place in the AMERICAN business world.

and its not just inadvertent either. If I were a part of a group that designed, built, and owned something, and I saw the possibility of some other group coming in, I would take little measures here and there to make them feel unwelcome and to further the dominance of my group. "Shit! we (we meaning my daddy) made this shit, aint no lil nigger(chink, jew, cunny, etc) gonna come in and take it. I'm gonna hire J. Branford Briar, Dartmouth '77 to be my new CFO"

Each subgroup has clung to some dumb strategy to try to crack the ceiling (black people - be funny, asians - do math, women - show cleavage and agree to allow a skirt to become considered business dress) but there is no reason why someone in power would make it easy for them to gain power.

I mean, what else did you expect???
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Originally Posted by Texasmade View Post
So basically you're saying Asians have small penises.

Originally Posted by Eason View Post
They do. My friend's brother is gay and has all kinds of horror stories of hope and anticipation turned disappointment at something resembling the girth of a straw. :/

Originally Posted by CouttsClient View Post
I can say with some authority, based on my experience, that Asian guys generally have small penises. Even the large ones are small. Generally.

I don't think that has much to do with why they aren't climbing the corporate ladder at the same rate as others

true story: I was once described as "special" by a lady to her friend.
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we haven't really seen the careers of 2nd gen AZNs play out yet
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The only Asians that don't make it, are the one's that hate themselves. They can never see themselves as equals to the white-man. I personally don't get it. But, hey, I don't have a small penis.

Seen it all over the place.
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Originally Posted by ThatGuy View Post
The only Asians that don't make it, are the one's that hate themselves. They can never see themselves as equals to the white-man. I personally don't get it. But, hey, I don't have a small penis.

Seen it all over the place.

What? Asian penises?
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Originally Posted by forStyle View Post
+1. Most of the Asian parents I know came as graduate students or went into research positions. They are a studious middle class group. Many were farmers' children who excelled academically and went to elite universities.

The Old Wealth and power stayed in China.


Those fucking commies wiped out Chinese Old Wealth over the course of 2-3 decades. Being Party doesn't make you "Old" and the "Wealth" you have will never translate into Swiss accounts--Louis Vuitton is a poor unit to measure money in. That being said New money in China is on the rise, and much of the "Old Wealth" left is actually Taiwanese, or those who managed to hide their money in Taiwan.
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Lol...everyone assumes Asians and other minorities had a fair competition with the then Wasp whites, which are now gradually being replaced by the corporate Jews, who now dominate the US business world with an iron fist. It's only been about 50 years after the Civil Rights era, and there's already a mulatto president, who is neither tragic nor obsequious. Business wealth takes time and unlike professional careers like medicine and law does require generational effort, to which point, I agree with LA Guy completely. This roof theory is no different than the undesirable Asian guy theory to women. This will all change with time and we're already at the inflection point. Asians tend to avoid the spotlight. That means even if an Asian started a successful business, he will hire a member of the dominant class to run this business. This habit too will change. I consider myself a member of the new generation. When my trading firm takes off, it'd be an Asian guy running my business. I'd hire some white boys to do menial work. This avoidance of the spotlight was also a notable trait among the Jews, until they can't hide their success anymore. So It was less than half a century ago that Jews finally got a country of their own, while most Asians have shaped world events for more than 4000 years while simultaneously make the best cuisines known the world over. God bless the Asians. Salt of the Earth, luminaries among men.
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I think it's a distributive problem:

You either:

- spend all of your time studying, ace tests, ace all metrics
- maintain some semblance of a social life, develop soft management, leadership and social skills.

Of course, there are people who can test well and are amazing leaders as well as people who are bad at both. But I think the majority of the population would need an active social and community life growing up to develop leadership skills.
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Guys, I am an asian and have small pannis, please how can I make it huger especially width thanks...please halp.
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