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These are a pair of 19cm Silver Selvedge Diors (tag size 32) that I kopped a couple weeks ago, selling as they are a bit too big for me. However, they are barely worn and dry-cleaned once, making the denim even softer. the dry cleaning faded the Dior logo on the leather tag almost completely, but the outline is still (obviously) visible. I really do like these more than my 19cm indigo raws, but I would have to get them tailored and I am kind of getting sick of the whole raw denim game. Like other Diors, if these fit you they fit AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL.



Waist: 17 inches

Front Rise: 10 inches

Back Rise: 14.5 inches

Thigh: 11.7 inches (a touch below 12).

Inseam: 38 inches

Leg Opening: 7.4 (just under 7.5).
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Added DH shirt, RLPL pants and price drop on the 19cm Silver Selvedges!
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Drop on RLPL...
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Drop on the Diors!
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payment sent on diors!
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Bump for good seller!
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