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Tie knots

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What's everyone's favorite knot for a tie?
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Does the Windsor ever mess up ties, because it seems like an awful lot of knots.
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A Windsor shouldn't mess up a well-made tie, as long as you're reasonably careful when tying the knot.  But it does introduce other problems.  You'll need a longer tie than most, simply because you need more material to fill out the fat knot of a Windsor.  And because of its nature, it won't necessarily pair well with certain, less formal looks (i.e. it looks a whole lot better with a spread collar than with a button down collar).  I think Windsors can look great, but only if done right.  More often than not (as long as you have a tie that knots properly and thickly enough with a four-in-hand), a Windsor might be more trouble than it's worth.
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I like the Half-Windsor. You get most of the Full Windsor shape with less bulk, and it goes with the collars I like. I don't like the Four In Hand, mostly because I can't tie it to save my life It always comes out too thin for my tastes.
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Does anyone know of a website that gives instructions on how to tie a good knot. I have the Half-Windsor and Four-in-Hand pretty good, but would like to know some more. This friday nite im wearing one of those really skinny ties, can anyone suggest the proper knot. The collar on the shirt is pointed, not spread or button down. (I'm sorry, i don't know the proper name for a pointed collar; is it pinpoint?)
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I think it depends on the shirt collar. For spread collars, using a half-windsor or full windsor is best, but if the tie is very thick, you can get away with the four-in-hand. Basically, all the knots do is decide the thickness and wideness of the knot, so it's best to go with what looks best with the shirt.
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I usually go with the Four-in-Hand. That's what I was taught, so I just stuck with it. And lately, I've been very pleased with my knots (good size with noticeable- but not too large- dimples).   davei, the FIH is relatively not a lot of work. Compared to the Half-Windsor, anyway. Maybe, I just think that, because I was raised on the former. Personally, I don't have a clue how to tie the full windsor. I just think it's a lot of knots all together. Maybe I can find someone to teach me.
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I use what I was told is called a "Shelby" knot on my neckties. It creates a consistent,inverted triangle shaped knot,which looks sharp with either a button down,or pointed collar shirt(I don't wear spread collared shirts;not as flattering with my rounder face),and a reliable dimple. It's notable,if only because tieing it involves starting with the necktie reversed,with the back of the tie facing outward.
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RainCityClothesHound, could you explain how to tie a shelby? I'm very curious.
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Dre, I'll try to describe how to tie a "Shelby" knot: a)Flip the tie over,so that the underside is facing outward. b)Adjust the length of the Thin end as you ordinarily would,approximately 1' shorter than the Wide end. c)Cross the Wide end under the Thin end,to form an "x". d)Bring the Wider end across and over the Thin end. e)Continue by bringing the Wide end under & through the "v" opening at the top.This forms the "triangle" I wrote about. f)Thread the Wide end under & through the "triangle".Gently pull the Wide end through to complete the knot. g)Slide the knot up to your collar.Adjust as necessary to get the desired dimple and tie length (I've found that turning the Thin end so that it's underside lies against your shirt creates a better dimple). Hope that's not too confusing. Good Luck. RCCH
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Thanks, I'll try it tonight.
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There's a picture guide for the Shelby at this link:
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davei, That's a really great link. The bow tie instructions held me until step six. That confused the hell outta me. Too many things at once. Does anyone know of a link with clear instructions and a large diagram on tying the bowtie?
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