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3 roll 2 Peak Lapel

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What do you guys think of this. I'm kind of on the fence. If I do it, would be in a similar pattern to this, maybe a shep check.

Is this a modern twist the style or is it something thats been around a while?
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I think it could work in principle, but I don't like that particular jacket on him. seems slouchy to me.
are those patch pockets as well?
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I usually find 3 button peaks stubby and weird. Don't care for the 3 roll 2 variation.
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Too many incongruities going on there... and do not like the idea of 3-2 peak...
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Don't like it on principle. Liked it less when I saw the photo. I say, "No."
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Agreed. It leave me with a "meh" feeling.
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Don't like it at all..
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Not a big fan, but it could work.
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Could work..but on first!
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Extra button scares me! Haven't seen it on some Italian dude, so I recoil in fear! Run away! Run away!
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Really don't like peak lapels on 3 button coats. Someones going to post that Cary Grant suit any moment now.....
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It looks incongruous.

Peak lapels make me think tuxedo or fashion-forward.

3/2s make me think Kennedy Administration.

Does not compute.
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I am a 3/2 and a peak lapel fan, but in this case the jacket would look better as a two button. Yes, it is a mishmash of styles, but the SB peak with patches works with the casual look here. Don't know how it would work with a more serious outfit.
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I love 3/2 but this doesn't work for me at all.
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I am probably in the minority on this one, but I think a true 3 roll 2 can be substituted in any situation a 2 button would work, which is I guess, always. I think people are having a hard time getting over the peaks, but honestly I don't think most people notice the difference.

Peak away!
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