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Salutations and valedictions

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What salutations and valedictions do you use in your correspondence? I usually use "Howdy" and "Best", respectively. Sometimes I'll break this out (from I Am A Cat):

May we offer you the compliments of the season. Please permit us to congratulate you upon your present prosperity, and long may it continue. With nine respectful bows, Kent Wang

I recently received an email that was signed "Utterly".
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Howdy all, I am disappointed in the lack of interest in this subject. Your humble servant, KW
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I've studied Islamic customs of late and there are very strict guidelines in casual interaction with other people. I usually don't say anything to strangers but if I must I usually resort to gesticulative salutations and valedictions.
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Sup Bitch Later I use both respectively for inner office communications.
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I sign most business correspondence off with:
Your thoughts? - M
Personal stuff just gets a dash M - M
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Hi or Hey for salutations

thanks, cheers or best for valedictions, depending upon content and context
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i find it weird when north americans use cheers
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Originally Posted by changy View Post
i find it weird when north americans use cheers

It's seen fairly often in the Canadian Forces. I've always assumed that it was imported from Germany when we had a large presence there, but perhaps we picked it up from the British.
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Good morning/afternoon ending with thank you/hope to hear from you soon for personal, i try to end with a set date for when we are meeting
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Good day; Dear; sometimes just the addressee's name

Best regards; kind regards; cordially

Boring? sure

I'll often take cues from the other party's correspondence.

I may switch to Howdy and utterly.
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I love "with nine respectful bows." I'm so using that.
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Whether written or in person for salutations it's usually just "Hello", "How's it going", "What's up", "How are you". For valedictions it's almost always "Take Care" or "Stay safe". I think my choice of valedictions stem from my LEO background...
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E-mail I open with "hello" and end with "respectfully" for business and "cheers" for personal. Written I change the opening to "dear" or if it's professional just the person's name.
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I have an auto sig, so I ususaly type "Regards," with my auto sig following.

If I desperately need something from someone Ill type "Best regards,"

For the opening Ill usually just type "Hello [NAME]:" with a colon, as I was taught in business school. That said, most everyone at work uses a comma after the opening salutation.
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Dear XYZ:

Very truly yours,
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