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Alfred sargent - ok shoes?

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I was browsing through Pediwear (www.pediwear.co.uk) and have been looking at the shoes made by Alfred Sargent. A lot of them are listed as having channeled soles, and the prices are very, very reasonable (a little over 100 pounds for some of them.) Can anyone vouch for their quality, or the lack of it?
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I have worn Sargent's for years. I used to buy them at Otto Tootsi ploughhund in NYC. They have discontinued selling them. They are well made and last forever. The last is also cut fuller then most european shoes. When Otto closed them out I bought three pair for $50 a pair. I don't know if anyone in the states carrys them anymore.
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I have some Tim Little shoes that were made by Alfred Sargent factory. I've had the chance to examine some of the Alfred Sargent shoes, and the Tim Little shoes I have (the "Red House" from the "blue sole" line) are effectively the equivalent of the Premier Exclusive shoes listed on Pediwear. They are relatively well made, though perhaps not to the same standard as the Crockett & Jones regular line. I have a soft spot for them, however, as the last they're made on seems pretty well matched to the contours of my foot. In summary, if you like them, and they fit you well, then I'd recommend them. I do think, however, that you'd get a better deal ordering a pair of C & J handgrades from PLal.
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There is nothing wrong with Alfred Sargent shoes. As you can see from the pediwear site they offer different ranges at differing price points, using better materials and greater care at the more expensive ranges. The designs (under the Sargent label) are not the most exciting and (just like Loake) they produce relatively few styles in each range (to keep costs down). Apart from that, probably the majority of their production goes, under private label, to a number of designers and shops (these sell quite often at considerably higher prices). On a price-value comparison you will do pretty well with Alfred Sargent shoes.
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On a price-value comparison you will do pretty well with Alfred Sargent shoes.
Since I'm a price-value whore, I think I will go with some Sargent shoes. Thanks for the replies, guys I'd go for the C&J handgrades from plal, but I have a width E American foot, and I don't want to wear a width E British, because that would be too narrow. Unfortunately, last I checked, plal only stocked handgrades in width E And I like the chisel toes on the AF shoes instead of the rounded ones on the C&J handgrades.
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Alias: PLAL stocks several hand-grade models in F. I know because I have had extensive email conversations with a Mr. Shyam Doshi, who is either the manager or one of the salesmen. I am getting ready to buy some Downings, which come in F. He told me he has the Whitehall in F as well. And those were the only two I inquired about. You should email them for info, because you might be surprised..
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In that case, I'll order myself a pair of Connaughts later on. The Whitehalls have toes that are too rounded for my taste; I'm more of the chisel-toed or narrow-toed guy. As it stands, I'll get myself some AF's, and pad them comfortably with around $150 in cash.
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