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Non-STF 501s

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A few weeks ago I bought a new pair of non-STF 501s, not knowing what I now know about STF, and raw denim (I thought STF = painted-on-tight 501s).

After reading some of the stuff here I wanted to toss them and start over with STFs, but that got me thinking, what are the real differences?

-Will there be any discernable difference in the cut/fit of a pair of STf 501s shrunk to me and my 501s? Which, I should add, I washed already (they got caked w/gypsum) and let dry on my legs.

-Is there any difference in how the two pairs will age, fade and get lines?
As I see it, if my 501s are made using the same fabric as 501xxs, just that mine were washed before they were made, then there is no real diffrence in fabric between my pair, and a pair of 501xxs that have been washed to facilitate the shrinking part of shrink-to-fit.

-My only real problem with the 501s is that they're pretty loose in the seat, and I've hopefully just corrected that problem by soaking them in some warm water.

Am I correct in these assumptions?
Are regular 501s worthless?
Should I toss them?
What are the differences?
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As far as I know, the STF are just the original state of your prewashed 501. I don't know anything about the wear patterns and such, but I assume that they will not come out the same. The cut of the two is the same. I think all 501's are loose in the seat, this is just the "anti-fit."
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I really like my regular 501s. They fit me very well and the price is definitely right.
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I had normal 501s from kohl's for like 5 years. They take a while to fade, but you'll get the crotch bloom and the thigh stripes eventually. They last forever; don't expect to put holes in them any time soon.
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thanks Are non-STFs looser than STFs? edit: I guess I should add, I'm not really caught up in how they'll fade etc, I'd prefer just to get ones that I like the fit.
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non stf's don't have leg twist. They fade just as good as stf's if treated the same, I have a few old pairs that look pretty good, all things considered.
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If you want a cheap pair of Levis that are more fitted, check out 514s or 511s.
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What is the proper way to take care of non-STF 501s (or 511s, etc)?
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Are STF and non-STF levis clearly labeled? I mean if I walk into JC Penny or whatever and see a pair of 501s, should it be obvious if they're STF or not?
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IIRC, they are labeled shrink to fit. i have never seen them anywhere but a Levi's store.

they also have a 36in. inseam, which unless you are a giant, is too long for any man.
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oh, I swear I just read in some other thread that stores like JC Penny, Sears, Kohls etc have them.
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you may be right. i could be way off on my comment, its just that is what i remember.
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Shrink to fits are labeled and should say 501XX on the leather patch. In general XX denotes that they are a shrink to fit jeans with some of the repro companies as well, such as Skull's 5010xx cut.
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ahh, good to know. thanks.

So, if they're shrink-to-fit, aren't they also meant to be worn for a long time without washing? So are you supposed to get the size that fits before wash or what you assume will fit afterwards?
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If you held a pair of un-washed and washed 501's in each hand you'd easily be able to tell the difference.
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