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I can get you this from one of the sites i'm a member of, just paypal me like $10.00 for the bandwith i'll have to take on for it, it's a PFD ebook + media files, i'll drop it in your drop box.
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Originally Posted by suited View Post

OMG...that's exactly what it was like.
Also, if anyone has seen the movie "Boiler Room" was really like that back in the mid-late 1990's.
I think the writer based it on Stratton Oakmont..but there were so many firms on Long island that fit that profile.
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I was licensed back in 1996 with Dean Witter. During our three week training in NYC (at the World Trade Center) I went out one night drinking and ended up at a place called Billy's Topless. I not only met Fred from the Howard Stern show that night, but there were a bunch of brokers from a place just like Boiler Room out celebrating some big sale or something. I remember them showing me their list of comeback lines that they would use on the phone to overcome objections. When the movie came out a few years later, the characters were just like those guys that I had met.
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Anyone taken the CSC as well as 7 and 63/66 and able to compare? Sounds like the US exams lack a bunch of analytical shit the CSC has. I'm somewhat tempted to take the US tests for shits and giggles.
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