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Saturdays will have a post Holiday sale, sleep on it. Trust me.
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Any promo codes out there?? Looking to place my 1st order with them soon. 

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No, they do an end of season sell around mid January, and again in late July. Otherwise they will occassionally offer a free shipping or small coupon. Just subscribe to their email list
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No one has posted in here in a while but I've desperately been looking for the Saturdays Matthew 60/40 jacket in an x-small or small.  If anyone has one available let me know please!

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does anybody have a free shipping code?
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^^ any kind souls?

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Anyone want to buy my Saturdays Surf NYC Goose Bomber?  Worn a bit but no wear showing. Feels pretty much new.  In the brownish color. Blue with polka dots on inside.

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size? color?

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First time poster. Been lurking for a couple months, enjoying the good info on this site.


Wanted to see if anyone has been into the store lately and tried on this sweater? Thoughts? Is Saturday NYC sizing TTS (I'm pretty slender and generally wear a M)? Can't tell if it is worth the $160 price tag, but like the detail and pocket.


Paul Birdseye Raglan



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I've seen a couple Saturdays sizing questions and I would say the fit to be slim but relatively true to size. The length is comparatively shorter than say Sunspel. Keep in mind the shirts are for the slimmer build while the sleeves are nice and wide

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