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is there a list of stockists of the board shorts/brand?


i know mr. porter, roden gray, jcrew, and the s/t website...any others out there?

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I bought their Esqunia Oxford short sleeve shirt in stripe. I really like it. For the $100 tag I was a bit disappointed with the made in China tag but I really like the styles they have and would buy from them again. Sizing is TTS.
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I'm not a fan of these guys. The shirts don't fit great, very boxy and their materials don't have a nice feeling to them. Their price points are ok and for mainstream america their clothes are better than Gap but i think most members of this community will be disappointed with SS products.

Regarding a previous poster who had a less than stellar experience at the store; i can see how. ive been there many times and the sales staff sucks. they are more interested in talking to their friends who are hanging out than offering any real customer service. There is an air of arrogance in in the store and im not sure why. they are supposed to be chill surfers.
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nah hipster surfers who never actually surf
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I bought a pair of Saturdays surf trunks a few months back, wore them on a Caribbean trip. The fit was good, but the velcro strip on the front started to unravel after a few days. Really disappointing for a $75 pair of shorts. Anyway, I contacted the shop after getting back and they were pretty accomodating. They eventually sent me a new pair, but I haven't tested them out yet.

The Soho shop is okay. As folks have remarked, it's definitely not a real surf shop. Way too self-consciously stylish for that. Honestly, I can't figure out how these guys are connected to surfing at all.
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Not that I want to praise these guys or anything but I think they're a decent brand. T-shirts are comfy and pretty good quality, and their oxfords are some of the best-fitting I own. IMO the price points ($45/$110 for the above) are a little high considering they're made in China, but I haven't had any quality issues since purchasing the items I own.

As far as the customer service I've had varying success, though the fact that they have a -quite busy- coffee shop in the same location definitely does not make for a relaxed retail experience.

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. I'll agree on the over-styled notion, but these guys are great businessmen/ad men, there's no denying that; I feel their stock skyrocketed over the past year. I haven't yet to try out their gear but have been tempted, the pieces are well presented online.

Sidebar, I'm really surprised coffee shops aren't in more stores, especially pharmacies where people could really use something to pass the time as the wait. Again smart businessmen,whatever the quality of the clothes
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The owners are great businessmen- they took a surf store on soho, created a brand from it and were able to get buyers from every clothing store in the country to pick up their stuff. It still doesn't mean the clothes are good it means they are great marketers/salesmen. And yes the coffee concept it great although most other places on the country would laugh at having a barista in a surf shop.
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Originally Posted by ffermins View Post

Hi, im used to buy this brand from bloomingdales and never knew that there was a store in soho, bought a chino pants at bloomingdales soho and went back to return them because of the size, for my bad luck they ran out of of the bloomingdales employees told me about the store in crosby, i go there with my bloomingdales receipt and gently ask if it was posible to get a discount because i paid half of the original price for the pants at bloomingdales on a big sale, just a little discount,.i would have been happy with a 10% off, for my surprise they said NO, and very.rude by the way, specially a asian looking employee with long hair..and the other manager, as a result i would never go and buy again from them, the gesture would have mean a lot.i did bought the pants but im 100% sure that i will never buy or recommend this store.
Update: i filled a complaint online and this is the answer that i get: TAKE A HIKE DUDE, beieve it or not this was the answer from cory, since i was still close to the store i went back because.i really wanted to hear it in my face....however as usual these so called managers did nothing to fix the situation.and as a man it seems that they didnt want a Piece of me either,.wow i was so mad that i told then to take a hike with me outside, suddently no one was cory( keyboard.warriors), they admiteded reading my complaint but no one wanted to stepped forward for the asnwer. As an MMA student for over 3 years i would have loved to show them a little respect. Man i just spent 128.00 dollars and did not like the service and posted this same review and this is what i get.
If you are really the owner, the ny store manager is not going to add.another customer with me.

Sure it sounds like they could have been a bit more polite to you, dude, but you cannot demand they discount clothes for you on the spot. That is an absurd notion. Just because a big box store can discount clothes doesn't mean you can march into the brand's own store, begging them to give you a discount. That's like finding a rick owens jacket at a Nordstrom Rack (i know that's not gonna happen, but for the sake of argument) and when it doesn't fit, you go into the Rick store in manhattan and demand they sell you a jacket that fits for 80 percent off.
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"As an MMA student for over 3 years i would have loved to show them a little respect."

You must not have been taught many lessons at your gym.
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I think the quality and fit of their garments is relatively on par with the price point. Even though it's MIC, the quality rivals some american made goods I've handled.
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

I think the quality and fit of their garments is relatively on par with the price point. Even though it's MIC, the quality rivals some american made goods I've handled.

+1 MIC doesn't mean an item is going to be shit and I get tired of the close minded thinking about it. There's a ton of factories in China, both good and bad. For the hoodie I handled from Saturdays - the quality was pretty nice (liked the cotton-wool blend) and it was slim, but it fit insanely long. The small was so long that on me (I'm about 5ft8) that it completely covered my ass... don't know if their other items run quite so long.
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I think SS sizing varies between their clothing drastically.  I usually have a hard time finding clothing for myself because I am skinny but with a very long torso so everything fits either too wide or way too short.  I was happy about Saturdays when I bought one of their hoodies and it fit my body type perfectly.  I went into their store when I visited NY and bought one of their shirts only to find that they were the right length but very baggy.  The store itself did seem like how everyone else is describing it.  I asked them for things and they kept forgetting what I was asking for because they were too busy talking to their friends.  When I was buying coffee they even let their friend cut in line to get theirs.  They always seem distracted.  When I was leaving I was actually telling my girlfriend that the people in the store were "funny" because they all seem so obsessed with style which is the opposite of the real surfing culture.  With that being said, I still like their clothing so I will be keeping up with their new stuff when they come out.

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Anyone have thoughts on this terrance cardigan?


I'm looking for something warm and chunky, but it's always so hard to tell how thick something is online. Do you think it's a good buy at $175?

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