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Saturdays Surf Official Thread

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Hey guys, looks like no one's created an official (or even unofficial) Saturdays Surf thread yet, and it seems like this 2 year old company is a real up and comer. Their designs are fairly creative as well, with a simple Kadinsky-esque attention to style.

I'm also curious about their fits, and was wondering if anyone had firsthand knowledge? I'm especially curious about their newly debuted chinos (, which are seam taped and reasonably priced.

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so, how do you know the owner? cousin?
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Was waiting for one of these threads. I'm thinking about purchasing a zip up hoodie, and possibly their chinos (pants and shorts). I own a few basic shirts with Saturdays screenpring on them. They've held up alright but for $35, not sure I would buy them again. I'm looking to buy possibly the striped shirt as well, but not sure how it's going to hold up and spending around $90 on it.

They are producing some excellent stuff though. Great to see some surfers having fun in New York.
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Originally Posted by pebblegrain View Post
so, how do you know the owner? cousin?

Wise guy, eh? Actually I AM the owner. How do you like them apples?
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The stuff looks good, i emailed them about sizing info and got no reply though so i didn't kop. Some sizing info on the site would be cool.
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When I click on terms and conditions, it brings me there for a second and then goes back to my original page.
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Any store that'll let me buy LVCs, a pound of coffee, and a wetsuit all at once is A-OK in my book. Not sure what I'd do with the wetsuit, exactly, but I'll figure something out.
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I really like the concept. Website is sweet but definitely needs measurements.
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Nice stuff. No leg length?
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Agreed with all of you guys, they really need to post up some measurements. I shot them an email a few days ago about the sizing on their chinos, but no reply yet. If only they'd get back to me...

Does anyone know the fit of the shirts? Is it slim, or regular?
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I bought the pullover sweatshirt. Cool store cool people. Sizing is long and rather skinny. Im generally an xl sometimes an l and i went with xl
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Sent them an email regarding sizing on boardshorts. Took 'em several days to get back to me, but they did give me everything I asked for. Ordered, received order, product measures to what they said and it is fucking awesome. So that's nice.
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They've got some cool stuff, and the shop is worth a visit if you're in the Village, real cool concept. Only thing I have from them is a t-shirt and it fits TTS.
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Yea I'm in between a small and a medium and the small button down fits REALLY tight, but it's workable. Looks like their cut is slim, but not BoO slim. I have a fit pic up on the WAYWT discussion thread, pretty recent.

Very close to pulling the trigger on those chinos. Any word? And any coupons for the website?
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Hey guys,

I’m very excited to announce to you that a beta version of our web store is now up and running, and we have a ton of great Saturdays stuff. If you enter the code StyleForum you will earn 15% off your entire purchase. You can access the store by visiting and clicking on the store link. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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