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Measurement question

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these are my measurements (thanks a.harris): chest:42" waist:36-37" (was having trouble with this one, but it probably falls in the middle) shoulder width:19" length:32.5" right sleeve:25" left sleeve:24.75" These are the measurements of the jacket I'm interested in: sleeve: 24.75" from outside shoulder seam to end of sleeve. length: 31.75" from top of collar to bottom of coat. chest: 40.5" around, when measured right under the arms. shoulder: 18" from shoulder seam to shoulder seam, when measured straight across in the front. Waist on the coat is 37.5" Should I be ok in that jacket? It's listed as a 38R, but the chest measurement seems a bit small. I got my measurements off of a MTM suit following directions from the sticky post by a.harris.
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With those measurements, I would peg you at a 42R, unless you did the measurements a little generously. How tall and heavy are you? It sounds like you are probably between 5'11'' and 6'2'', and between 180-200 lbs (with a 42 chest and 36 waist, I could hardly peg you at anything less than 185 lb or so.) Where in this spectrum are you? In any case, the 38 jacket seems like it would be much too small.
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Are the chest and waist measurements you posted from a coat? For instance - if the coat chest measures 42" and the coat waist measures 37" you wear a size 38 coat. Is the 32.5" length you posted from the bottom of the collar or is it an overall length? What is the waist measurement of the pants? What brand is the suit you measured?
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i'm not even close to 180, i'm like 140-145, 6'. the measurements are all from a mtm armani jacket. the waist measurement isn't my actual waist, la guy. my actual waist is more like 30-31". I did all of the measuring as instructed by the post by mr.harris. i know that my suit is cut long, and it's from the bottom of the collar. and the item i'm interested in is for a blazer, not a suit, so there are no pants. thanks for the help guys.
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Sounds too small to me. Smaller in chest, larger in waist, probably has a different cut compared to your reference jacket. Notice the shoulder and chest are both smaller. Get a measurement from the center of the armhole to the back seam, I'll bet it's smaller as well.
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GQG: No way, IMHO, you fit a 38r. Your measurements are remarkably similar to mine, and I have been wearing 42 R for years. I think you'd need at least 2 inches extra in the chest, and perhaps more.
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i suggest you give your body measurements, rather than taking them off a coat, unless the coat fits you exactly the way you want it to. perhaps someone will then be able to guide you. also tell us the brand you are interested in.
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The measurements you provided are fine (provided the coat you measured fits you well.) They correspond to a size 38 coat (cut long and slim but still a 38.) The measurements provided for the coat you are looking at indicate that it is a size 36 so it will probably be too small. If you can fit into a jacket with a 42" chest and a 37" waist there is no way you are a size 42r - minimum chest and waist measurements for a size 42 would be 45" and 42" respectively. Your pant-waist measurement of 30-31" is also indicative of a size 38. Another thing - it sounds like your best off-the-rack size is going to be a 38 long which is a very hard size to find. Fortunately most all suits are cut on the long side right now so you will probably be able to wear a lot of recently produced regulars.
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