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Bumping this thread rather than making a new one because I just made my first trip up to EA today up in Westminster. I'll post pics once I've got the suit, which should be in about a month or a little more (they're going on summer vacation soon). It's neat to see the factory, you'd never guess from the little showroom that the building behind has over 400 people cutting, sewing, etc. Elio was very amiable and nice and from what my newbie self could tell, knew his stuff. They're having a sale through Friday if anyone in the area can make it over -- I ended up going for a basic navy two-button suit for an insanely low price for MTM. He asked me not to share it. laugh.gif Suffice it to say, it's less than $600. Like I said, deep sale through Friday.

I'm cautiously excited, it's my first experience with MTM other than shirts and pants in Pakistan. Bit of a different experience. Anyway, I'll get with the picture-posting once the suit comes in.