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BB is the safest best for value (quality v. price).
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The Brooks Brothers 346 (outlet) line is an okay bargain but not great. Since this weekend is F&F 25% off, the better value for the exact same price is the Brooks Brothers Suiting Essential line (available online).

They do not have the typical multiple-buy deal for BB 1818 suits right now (2 for $1500). At $750 a piece right now, that's a significant amount out of your price range. If you are only using two suits this summer, you'll also find that the Suiting Essential line holds up a bit better.

Other good SF-approved items at your price point are Benjamin suits (from or some suits from the buying and selling forum.
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Originally Posted by iPadTwo View Post
Hey guys. Just joined the forum!
Not looking to spend too much money, but I'd like to buy good quality suits.


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Originally Posted by GBR View Post

Not really. He didn't say 1st lass or exceptional. It was well-accepted here at SF a few years ago that the suits at Target were "good" for the money.

If you can get into a BB suit around that price, you're doing OK.
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BB is the safest bet from the options you listed. I'd stick with that if it easy to find a something decent fit with your body type. If you have a sort of hard to find size or have hard to fit proportions (like me), you may want to find a local place that could do a M2M suit for you. Around here (chicago) there are at least two places that will make a M2M suit for you for about $500 (cheaper online if you want to chance it - I wouldn't, but everybody is different). Those less expensive M2M suits may or may not be as well constructed as a BB outlet suit, but in my mind a good fit trumps everything.

Also, Navy and Grey are probably the most versatile choices long term, so I agree with your choice. I'd just keep in mind that sometimes Navy can highlight youth, not to say that Navy makes you look young (if you don't), but if you happen to be younger looking, people may notice it more when you are wearing Navy. I don't know if that is a pro or con in the internship you are going to do (hey its sometimes nice to be the young guy). Its subtle, but I definately believe it now that I'm aware of it:
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Originally Posted by GBer View Post

You don't often see bankers wear tan at work, summer or not. Would stay away from tan. Too casual. Gray & navy are good choices. What about shoes? Do you have a couple of decent pairs?


I think you should go to Jos A Bank. It has better style and quality than the HORRIBLE Men's Wearhouse and is priced better for "Starter" suits, and their sales staff is far better trained. They have a buy one/ get one free deal going on right could get what you need with money left over for some sharp shirts and ties.

I think Brooks is a great choice, but for when you actually have a paying job. Get a well-fitting suit at Jos A Bank and you will wind up looking better than 90% of the other interns.
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Thanks for the all the advice, guys. Could anyone recommend a place in NY that makes made-to-measure suits at a decent price?
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I did a quick google search and found this: you may want to check out their competitors as well, and see if the reviews/websites lead you to somewhere you may want to check out.
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