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Shoe Trees

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I have no idea what to look for when it comes to shoe trees. Are these trees from AE decent for the price?


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Here's some good ones: http://woodlore.com/mm5/merchant.mvc...e=Shoe-Trees-M
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AE uses rebadged woodlore trees.
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Alright, well are there any key features I should be looking for when looking for a good shoe tree? Anything that'll set them apart? Cause I can't tell the difference between those and the ones I posted besides the price.
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The ones I provided links for are, I think, the best Woodlore have to offer. I think you'd be fine to go with those.
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like the OP, I am wondering what makes them better than the link he posted (the AE ones.)
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Taller vamp, polished knob?

I use ones from here and they work terrific. Perfect for Canadian shoppers with price and shipping.
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Our most popular (and my favorite) is this:
It's much fuller in the vamp and heel. Also, has a double tube, 5 springs. Easy to install and remove.
Ive seen the same tree retailing for $75.00. Only difference is the name plate!
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So far the best non-lasted shoe tree I have used is the one made by Rochester. You can get it here http://www.onecedarlane.com/detail.p...&catid=2&sort= They fill out my shoes better and have a full heel - which is essential for me. I have the Epic shoetree and they are great for shoes that it fits but on some of my shoes it doesn't put enough pressure on the side.
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Nordstrom trees work for me. $20 ($15 during sales usually)...
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Originally Posted by malat View Post
Nordstrom trees work for me. $20 ($15 during sales usually)...

My local Nordstroms Rack has them around $13 (10 during a sale). I believe they're "seconds" but the imperfections are very minor (minor discoloring, minute scratches or chips, etc).
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Woodlore shoe trees for $12 shipped!
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Originally Posted by malat View Post
Nordstrom trees work for me. $20 ($15 during sales usually)...

Nordstrom trees are exactly the same as Allen-Edmonds split-toe (or whatever they're called) tree.

JAB trees are exactly the same as Allen-Edmonds solid-toe trees and are a good buy at their 50% off everything sales.

Woodlore, who makes all these trees, is a wholly owned subsidiary of AE (if somebody hasn't said this already).
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I like the BB ones with he Brass knobs and hardware (not their cheaper non-brass knobs ones) for no particular reason other than the nice hardware, the full heel, and the overall substantial feel and quality of the wood. I usually pick up a couple of pairs during one of their sales. For the shoes I don't really care for, I use the lower end department stores ones that I have lying around.
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