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Originally Posted by CHRK33 View Post

I would be interested.

+1 for me thanks
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Bourton in 3-colour tone calf( although the above pic was in cordovan )
4444 last, fitting 5, brown dainite sole
Straight tongue with gimped and punched edge
Discussed with Richard from SH, they can make it
Is there anyone interested in this pair
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Originally Posted by boomtime View Post

It's all good Mothball...happy your interested in the build. Just need one or two more takers and we should be good to go. Been talking with SH today sounds like the build time would be standard and our design so far isn't anything they can't handle in terms of combinations.

Just making a interest list...let me know if I left you off we are looking to get 6 people on board

1. Boomtime
2. CHRK33
3. qwertgfdsa
4. Mothball

Hey figured I'd bump up this build see if we can get the final two
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Just to recap perforated captoe boots: (no medallion Eaton boots)
No medallion Eaton
Smooth navy calf.
Natural barbour welt
Brass eyelets
Brown dainite
Lining + Pulltab : Orange?

1.zippyh chorizo

Gonna email Richard soon, get consensus on lining + pulltabs and that's it.
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Red lining and pull tab? Or orange since it opposite navy on the color wheel.
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Orange or red works for me.

Are we going with bellows or normal tongue in Navy?
I honeslty don't care either way.
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I kind of like red lining/pull tabs, but I don't have strong feelings on it. Was the suede tongue still in play?
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Suede = normal tongue
Calf = bellows tongue

I prefer bellows tongue....

Looks like red lining and tab...
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im down for whatever lining/tongue/pulltab combo

lets get this show on the road folks ! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Fine with either tongue
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Bellows tongue works for me. Thanks!
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Just checking...the navy/coffee Keswicks will be 4444, yes?

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Originally Posted by smartlew View Post

Just checking...the navy/coffee Keswicks will be 4444, yes?

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Be patient folks, Richard is confirming the slots for the captoe boots with the factory, he wants to confirm there'll be no surprise when they are on production.... This will be his firat time placing these boots for bulk MTO.
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Frans Boone has a bunch of models with the orange dainite in case that'll help to inspire another MTO.
A couple stubby Stows too.

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