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I saw those, but they don't have my size. I'm always weary of ordering things made in USA from overseas (and vice versa)...most of the time it's cheaper to buy UK made goods from the UK, USA/CA made goods from USA/CA, etc.
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Yeah, you can end up paying a premium. But those Frans Boone ones end up being about $530 once you deduct VAT which is around what you'd expect to pay for a suede Alden. Their shipping charges seem high though. There shouldn't be any customs charges since they're made in US.

Oh well, kind of a moot point since they don't have your size.
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I actually emailed them since I was interested in their Drake's bowties, and wanted to know if they'd really charge me €50 to get two bow ties shipped to the US (I can't imagine them not being able to put the bow ties in a document envelope)... Never got a reply.
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I plan on placing a MTO order within 2 weeks with Richard. If anybody else is interested with this style, let me know. If enough are interested, we may qualify for a bulk MTO.

Brogue Wingtip (last still TBD)
Midnight Blue Rapello Suede Outer
Bottle Green Inner
Natural flat welt
Black or Brown Dainite sole
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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I am brand new to this forum so please excuse me if I'm asking a silly question.Is this shoe still available? If it is what size would I have to order-my usual size is 8 in English sizes-to fit well? I've heard that Trickers sizing is on the generous side.

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If you're speaking about the blue suede wingtip brogue, then this is a custom made to order (MTO) I plan on placing in about two weeks. The turnaround time is usually 10-12 working weeks from the time the Trickers factory can schedule the order in (they're booked for a while, and I'm still getting details).

The last is still up in the air, but the two main Tricker's Country lasts are generally regarded as generous. For ref, I wear a 7UK in John Lobb oxford, and I wear a 6 1/2 UK in a Trickers Eaton Boot.

Edit : Present London has a pair of the shoe pictured in a 11UK still, for anybody interested.
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Thanks for the info,Feji.I really like those blue suede brogues,especially with Dainite soles.I have no preference for the sole colour but I'd definitely go for the bottle green lining.Count me in!

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Richard just informed me that the next scheduled delivery date for a MTO order would be October. The Trickers factory may be able to finish sooner, but October would be the safest date to expect delivery.

We'd need a couple more people interested to qualify for a bulk MTO, which would bring the shoes down to about $430 USD (not incl VAT) a pair, which includes delivery fee (the standard pricing for a tricker shoe @ shoehealer).
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Hi Feji,

Thanks for the update.I really hope we do get enough people interested to go for a bulk buy because it would save me around £200 on the individual MTO price!

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I like those shoes, maybe brick dainite sole, 4497 last, brass eyelets, throw some blue leather in the mix ?
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Lightning fast shipping.


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Originally Posted by Marcellionheart View Post

Lightning fast shipping. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


I forgot to leave a note for the DHL guy or I'd have mine now too.
Also forgot we did the red lining. Looking forward to staining some socks with mine.
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same story zippyh... can't wait....
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LSH Trickers blue.jpg 160k .jpg file

Of course LSH comes up with my suggestion minus the eyelets...
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