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Good evening gentlemen.

We are looking for 1 more individual to complete this Burgundy Stow MTO bulk order.


This boot will be based on the Brooklyn Circus stow shown below, there are some modifications made to our MTO
such as color and eyelets.


Here are the specifications:


Model: Stow (Kelmscott)
Last: 4444 / Fitting 5
* Burgundy scotch grain on Toe Cap, Facings, Quarters and Heel Counter.
* Burgundy calf on Vamp and Tongue.
* Burgundy burnished calf on the backstrip.
Lining: Red Calf Lining.
Pull Loops: Red Pull Loops.
Eyelet: Dark Brown Eyelets.
Laces: Dark Brown Waxed Cord Laces.
Welt: Barbour Welt in Natural Finish.
Sole: Dainite Sole in Red.

These images should give you an idea on what the boot will look like.

Please PM me if you would like to be included in this great order.

I am awaiting final pricing confirmation from Richard

I suspect it will be the standard £325.00 for EU customers and around $515  for us customer.


This is an additional example of the dark eyelets with another Burgundy scotch grain.

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Originally Posted by Carson View Post

I just joined the group and this is my first posting. I've been emailing back and forth with Richard @ The Shoe Healer about doing an MTO for a cotto cordovan Allan boot. I was originally going to just do the MTO solo, but Richard thought the boot was stunning and said he'd take two if I could get a group buy going here. We just need three more people.

Here's the specs:

Model, 'Allan'
Last, 4497s, fitting 5.
Colour, Cotto Cordovan.
Binding, Black Binding.
Lining, Black Calf Lining.
Eyelets, Black Eyelets.
Laces, Black Waxed Cord Laces.
Barbour Welt in Black Finish.
Sole, Dainite Sole in Black.

The background for this MTO is that I bought a pair pretty much like this on EBAY back in early January, and was really excited to get them. When they arrived, on close inspection though, there were serious differences in the right and left boot that were disturbing. The left boot, on the lateral side, was significantly faded and almost dry-ish, as if it had been a display shoe catching UV light for a time (hard to imagine as that is). The back spine was dry and rough - almost cracked - which was also unexpected. On the same lateral side, the inner liner had separated from the outer cordovan shell. I noticed in the photos, the seller used the right shoe for the lateral photos and the back spine photos were blurry enough not to see the detail. The seller then refused to answer any of my questions about their condition, so I sent them back and thankfully got a refund; but I was very disappointed, and was resolved to get a pair anyhow.

If interested, email Richard at:   re: MTO Allan in Cotto Cordovan

Photo examples to follow!

Have you considered doing it on a sleeker last like the 81?
I'd be in for a cotto 9 hole captoe in this style.
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Hey - I didn't even know about the 81 last! Yes, I would be. I am all for sleeker. I think that would look very nice.


Let me run it by Richard.

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Originally Posted by Carson View Post

Hey - I didn't even know about the 81 last! Yes, I would be. I am all for sleeker. I think that would look very nice.

Let me run it by Richard.

I might be interested in this - any idea of the price for US customers?
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Originally Posted by wklq76a View Post

I might be interested in this - any idea of the price for US customers?




Originally Posted by Carson View Post

OK, so Richard just got back to me with a very reasonable price quote of 445GBP which would be about $738, which was less than I was expecting, so there you go. 


Price quote at $738


Having just communicated with Richard again, I think we are preferring a darker welt, which as a member stated above, gives it a more elegant look...



This is the price without VAT added.

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Hi Everyone,

I hate to dampen anyone's enthusiasm but Richard from Shoehealer confirmed that Tricker's do not do a Burgundy Scothgrain.He checked with the factory and they said the Short Stow boots pictured are Brown Zug grain with Burgundy polish applied to change the colour.If you look on both the Shoehealer and Tricker's own site there is no mention of Burgundy Scotchgrain,only burnished calf and Repello suede.

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Spoke with Richard this morning. It sounds like our Teak Allan boot is about 3 weeks away!!

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The worst of winter seems to be behind us... Ready for a summer shoe!
Emailed these specs to Richard. Shoe should be around 432.50 GBP and ready for May. We need six people (although he'll ponder on ordering one or two for the shop). How does everyone feels?

Model: Minster
Last: 4444
Colour: Orange Cordovan —>
Lining: Natural
Eyelets: Silver Brass Eyelets
Laces: Light brown? Open to suggestions.
Welt: Barbour Welt in Natural Finish
Sole: Double Leather or Brown Dainite <— would prefer the latter for a more versatile shoe.

Closest representation I could find (via Japanese retailer):

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Oh Iris Cordovan why do you look so good! Just saying.


Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2

Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2

Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2

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Hi guys.

I think Richard at Shoehealer is still sunning himself on holiday but according to the latest tweet from SH, the Teak Cordovan boots are in store......and judging by the photos on Facebook, are looking mighty fine indeed.

I am waiting for the MTO Tricker's Henry in 1001 burnished on a leather sole with natural Barbour welt & red lining (i think) to arrive.

I hope I get a glimpse of the Cordovan Allans before they all get posted out.

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Arrived this week MTO order of cordovan Allan boots by Tricker’s
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here are a few pics that they sent me this morning. They looks great!!



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I am gutted.

Richard has just phoned me & the MTO Henrys arrived late last week which was good news.
The not so good news is that they were displayed & my pair sold by a member of staff who hadn't checked in the diary & reserved them.
I really fancied these as they were the first pair of Tricker's that I ever tried on & the leather sole option was how I wanted them.

Not to worry, Richard couldn't have been more apologetic & hopefully my brother & I, along with some guidance from Richard, can put a new MTO together over Easter & I can have something else to look forward to.
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Wow, those cordovan Allan boots look amazing! I think I need to get down to a Trickers stockist to work out what size/last suits me best so that I can get a piece of the action here. Anyone got any tips or suggestions to narrow my search? (I.e. style, last). The 4497/5 and Stow seem to be popular.
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Figure out what your size is in 4497 and 4444 and you've covered about 90% of the desirable Tricker's.
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