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Hey guys,

I have a couple of pairs of Samurai Jeans: S5000BK and S003JP. I bought these in the Osaka Samurai store when I was in Japan and they've been sitting in the closet not getting any attention. I do not foresee myself wearing these until the winter time since I'm working on my Flat Heads. Both pairs are BNWT and unsoaked. I will be posting pictures soon.

S5000BK Size 32x36 with Arcs and Red tag
Waist: 16
Thigh: 12.2
Inseam: 38.5
Hem: 8.75
Asking: $300 including shipping

S003JP Size 33x36
Waist: 16
Thigh: 11.75
Inseam: 38.5
Hem: 8
Asking: $350 including shipping