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Originally Posted by JubeiSpiegel View Post


I prefer a double monk myself...

These people are wrong. (nobody is really wrong)


That single monk is a beauty. I'd get that. I don't like open laces.

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Singles and Doubles.  They are both damn nice. 

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Originally Posted by ftw90240 View Post

Advice/Thoughts, please.

I got a pair of Carmina Taylor split toe derbies from Epaulet, and I really like them.  However, I have not worn them because I then saw a single monk split toe pair at Leatherfoot.  Both are on Simpson, which is my favorite Carmina last.  Trying to decide -- keep the Taylors or order the single strap.  And no, I'm not getting both.  I already have a pair of darker brown split toe derbies (AS Charlton), and I have some double monks. 

Which do people like better?  Thanks.

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Has anybody handled Camina for Canali shoes? Are they unique/exclusive models?
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Update on the Shell Wingtip MTO:

Last: Forest

Color: Saddle Shell


Design: Wingtip with open lacing

Price: 4480 SEK ex VAT (about $669 USD). I believe shipping is 300 SEK, so that would bring the total to around $712 USD.

We two people so far:

1) Neuromancer8
2) easy_golfing (myself)

Please PM me for more details or if you would like to join. Open to suggestions as well.

Will make a great Spring / Summer / Fall shoe (depending on where you live nod[1].gif).
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Originally Posted by venividivicibj View Post

I talked to skoak (the shoe company, idk how to spell the rest) and they confirmed that vegano is darker, and I quote 'is better by far' in his opinion.

SKO-AKTIE-BOLAGET, it's as easy as one-two-tree. biggrin.gif

Basically there are two versions of tanned calf from Carmina (we don't use the term Cognac for tanned because we don't want it to be confused with Shell Cognac). There is a "natur cuero" and this is a light tanned calf (aniline), then there is "vegano cuero" which is a deeper, slightly darker calf that in my opinion is by far the best looking of the two. It looks like that's what is pictured above, although it does look like a dark batch or dark picture.

In regards of the brown, they have a "natur marron" (marron=brown) and this is a very dark, espresso brown calf (aniline) that we only use for dress shoes (like the 732 cap toe). And then there's "vegano marron" which is lighter in color but richer, with natural variations in the tanning. We use this for something like 95% of all our brown models from Carmina.
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Google understands "Skoak" pretty, pretty well
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Here are two of our 861 boots.  Dark cognac and dark brown scotch grain.  They are both on the Oscar last.  Please let me know if you have any questions about these beauties.  Also, we are thinking of doing these in navy cordovan if we have six.

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Hello gents. this is a x-post from our affiliate thread but might be a useful information for your future shell boots orders.


Some of you might already have heard, but Carmina has decided to stop making non-laced shell boots (such as Jodhpur in shell) due to shells 'breaking' while molding the boot shape for these non laced boots.


So I have some new MTO ideas for Navy Shell Boots.


Below Model in Navy Shell Cordovan (possibly with speed hooks on top?)

Brown Dainite Sole

(possbily Red leather lining inside)


PM me if interested! or for more details!

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So shell Jodhpur boots, as in the only ones I thought were cool, are now going to be vintage Carmina?!

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Originally Posted by GradSchooler View Post

Is the suede brown or loden? It looked brown on the webstore but seems loden in your pics. If that's the case, I might have to give these another look satisfied.gif


You know, after looking at the shoes in a couple of different types of light, they may well be loden and not chocolate.  I can't really tell as it is very close to both.  Regardless, they're sold out.  I'm curious what the other folks who got them think of the suede color....

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bah humbug
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For carmina, can you specify what color you want the bottom of the leather sole to be? Because I've seen some in an orange ish color and others in the normal lighter color, and some with a red/cherry-ish look
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Originally Posted by coxaca View Post

I am organising a new Carmina Group MTO through Skoaktiebolaget.

With massive originality, I am proposing the exact same boot as the previous MTO back in October:

This is the Carmina Model 80184 in Cognac (colour) shell cordovan made on the Oscar last, with Dainite rubber sole.

Last year's MTO specified a green lining, but it was eventually supplied in purple as Carmina do not do green linings. I am open to suggestions regarding the lining colour - it might be nice to do this run in a different colour from purple, the better to differentiate this order from the previous one. Other parameters are not open to negotiation.

Please note that Carmina's Cognac cordovan can vary a little in colour. Here is their model 080092-025 in Cognac, from the Carmina website:

Just slightly darker with more reddish tones.

And here is the same boot in Cognac from a previous run (posted earlier on this same thread):

Darker still, with a more chocolately hue. Of course, this may be a trick of the light. Anyway, you get the general idea. We must be flexible in our expectations regarding the delivered colour. Personally, I would be perfectly happy with any of the above three variations of Cognac.

As per the previous order, we need a total of six pairs in order to secure the group MTO price through Skoaktie. That price is 4480 SEK (ex VAT) or 5600 SEK (VAT incl), which is 30% cheaper than the price quoted by Carmina for a direct MTO. This model is not available from their online store; MTO is the only way to obtain this boot.

The original discussion regarding the first group MTO can be found here and the "Carmina sizing thread" can be found here. Feedback was generally very positive from all participants in the first MTO, and Skoaktie generally get a very good rap.

On your marks, gentlemen.

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