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Originally Posted by Mr Clemson View Post

I realize that I'm on the Carmina thread (and I love Carmina), but will you give me your preferences of the Carmina navy suede longwing vs the Alden suede longwing (barrie last)?  I just ordered blue suede longwings from Alden NYC, and a day later skoaktiebolaget releases the ones above!  How different is the blue color and the fit of the lasts?  I can send the Aldens back, but I wouldn't do so with the Carmina version due to shipping costs.  Thanks in advance!

I think my preference is for the Carmina in this instance. I love both and find their suede pretty much on par but the last, leather laces and brass eyelets seal the Carmina for me.

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^^^ What he said.
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Thanks very much guys. I may send the Alden's back when I get them and order the Carmina suede. Honestly, I keep going back and forth wether either will get enough wear in the blue as opposed to snuff or tan. I'll have to decide soon before they are gone. I hesitated on a pair of Alden whiskey LHS today and missed them by two minutes. I'm still mad about that lol!
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Does anybody know how the randa last is in sizeing?
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Originally Posted by Nullson View Post

Since you guys are drooling over the Navy shell you should consider joining the Navy tanker boots GMTO.


I really like these boots

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Originally Posted by Calvay View Post

I really like these boots


With all the shell shortage rumors of late, we were able to secure small amt of navy shell for our MTO!

Do let me know if anyone of you gents are interested in the 2 Navy Shell MTOs below! 


#1 Navy Shell PTB

- Detroit Last

- JR Double Leather Sole

- Purple insole Lining


#3 Tanker Boots 

- Rain Last (opposed to Soller Last on the picture below)

- Storm welt?

- Commando Sole

- Red Lining



Cheers & have a great weekend!

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Anybody order from Carmina's e-boutique lately? I just placed an order and was wondering what delivery times are like to the West Coast of the US. Any experiences you've had with duties and tracking #s would be great too.

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4 or 5 days on east coast. I would tack on 1 or 2 to west coast. So 5 or 6 days.
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New arrivals for your weekend.  Black calf single monk on Forest and Brown calf single monk on Simpson.  

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What, did not know unipair was Korean. Must visit next time I go back to my motherland. 

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How does the Robert last fit? Research seems to say Barrie = Robert size. Any other comparisons? Also, if Barrie = Robert, does that mean 8US in Barrie = 8UK for Robert? That may seem like a dumb question because US to UK conversion charts say to size down 0.5 from US size to get your UK size. I simply want to confirm before I have shoes shipped from Sweden. Thank-you very much. I did try to research before posting here to save the post.
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Any advice on the Rain last fit, as compared to Uetam?


Has anyone sized down (i.e. 1/2 size) in the Rain?


I am a size 7UK in Uetam, and I am thinking of sizing down 1/2 size to a 6.5 in Rain for a snug fit...

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Originally Posted by WiredandTired View Post

4 or 5 days on east coast. I would tack on 1 or 2 to west coast. So 5 or 6 days.

I agree...tack on a couple of days for the west coast.  no tracking #s, customs can a hit or miss...

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damn carmine's are nice!
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