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Originally Posted by celery View Post
Avoid straight roads, nothing puts you to sleep faster than driving in a straight line for 5 hours.

Or driving in a straight line for 22 hours. (MA to FL on I-95. So fucking boring. )
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Books on tape by Alex Roy.

Make pit stops efficient. Drink water (or sport drink) a little when gas is half full, then a lot when down to 1/4 tank. If you get in a fast pack of traffic, keep with it. If you're stuck in a traffic jam an under half a tank, pit 'under the yellow' and top up.
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I found that a companion whose company you enjoy is most essential for long drives. Bonus 1: someone who can take their turn at the wheel Bonus 2: someone who you can have the sechs with I also never do the road warrior bit of never stopping until you get there. Find someplace along the way where it would be interesting to stop and rest. On that route you can stop in southern VA or Savannah
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Bring lots of change for toll roads. Some sort of bluetooth system so you can call and drive when you start to get sleepy...
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As a survivor of many long road trips:

Coffee is a rookie mistake. You only want to stop when you need gas and coffee makes you pee.

Satellite radio and iPod for all your needs. Talking books, pod casts, all your music, live CNN or news, etc.

Beef jerky and cashews for your snacks. Highly satiating without eating a lot so you don't get full and sleepy.

Pelligrino comes in plastic bottles now. That's what you drink as just a sip will refresh you so you don't have to pee.

Use your cruise control as much as you can so your knee doesn't get sore.
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Pick up hitchhikers. They are great company and always make the drive safer. Apply liberal use of racial profiling for best effect. The scrawny white guys have the best weed, this is great when you want to sleep at the wheel. The angrier looking white guys have the best amphetamines, these are great for when you want to get in a long stint at the wheel. Indians and Mexicans are useful at food breaks. They get discounts as their cousins always work there. Asians aren't much use unless you need help calculating distances along the way, so just pass them by, the walk will do them good anyhow. Black guys make the scariest stick up kids, so pick them up when you are nearing a gas station, then you get free gas, free candy, and a little bit of extra money to pay for the audio books. Avoid Arabs - they'll blow your car up.
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gonna be driving from kokomo, in to santa clara, ca this summer. at least the trip will be with my gf, but we will also be transporting a dog, so def more stops.... it'll be the first time ive driven for more than 5hrs straight.
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I had a chick friend that used to work with NASA. She had a good suggestion for long road trips. Wear a disguise and arm yourself with a BB gun and pepper spray. Wear a diaper to avoid stops for the bathroom and then just drive. Works everytime!
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I did Florida to Boston a year and a half ago. Advice from me. 1- Plan a few stops to break it up and give you short term goals to look forward to. It makes it easier to drive like 6-8 hours a time instead of two 12 hour trips (was about 22hours but a bit more because of 2 accidents that backed me up). Personally, i mapped out some cool places to get food long the way. There are plenty of diners drive ins and dives kinda places along the way and other things less than 20minutes off the highway. 2- Fuck listening to music. You'll honestly go nuts, especially if you are doing the drive alone. My recommendation is conversational podcasts. I don't know what you're into but i like comedy/talk related ones. They pass the time super well, the conversation keeps you engaged and you concentrate on what they're saying a bit more making you forget about how long you've been driving. 2a- For comedy podcasts i enjoy - Marc Maron's WTF - Nerdist Podcast - Sportsguy Bill Simmons - Adam Carolla Show - This Week with Larry Miller (i just love larry miller to death) - Comedy Death Ray There are a bunch of great educational and history ones too if you are interested but i'm not listing them because everyone has different areas of interest. I was traveling with my girlfriend but she slept a lot of the journey (i drove the whole time) and i used a mix of comedy podcasts, a few educational ones and then some standup comedy cds i haven't heard like the new david cross and louie ck and others. 3- Treat yourself to a decent night sleep somewhere and get either a decent dinner or breakfast in town. If you search a couple possible towns that fits the range you'll probably be at like 10pm that night you can plan around a really cheap place to stay. I stayed in a pretty nice hotel in north carolina 5-10 minutes off the highway for like $45. Was a holiday inn or something but was really clean, safe and comfy with a sportsbar type place across the street which was nice to watch a baseball game and have a beer. 4- Keep some trail mix and a mini thermal lunch bag or something with some water or whatever. If you get stuck in standstill traffic for 2 hours because of an accident and it's hot as hell, it's nice to have something to drink and snack on since the summer is hot. 5- Excessive speeding isn't worth the time savings. Different towns have different speed traps and different types of asshole cops. I dunno. Just set the cruise control and chillax good luck and stay safe
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Originally Posted by foodguy View Post
bring lots of water, and a couple of empty liter water bottles, too.

Are you saying you were too lazy to stop at a rest stop and you just peed in the bottles?
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Originally Posted by GQgeek View Post
Are you saying you were too lazy to stop at a rest stop and you just peed in the bottles?

bahaha. That's gross. There are exits every 10 miles. Just pee and get some gummy bears or something. Is it a race or something?
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Originally Posted by Matt View Post
Pick up hitchhikers.

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