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Originally Posted by AE7 View Post
Well, they were selling off a lot of stuff from the A/W season for quite a long time. Every other week they have 15% off deals and free shipping. I personally purchased several items for very low prices, including BC and Lardini. If you go there right now, you still might find some of the stuff for pennies (like Les Copains ties for 15 pounds) ... From this sale I got Spanish blazer Armand Basi that is sold for 60 pounds down from original 240 pounds. See how it looks in real life, still can return it with no worries.
And for some stuff, they are not charging too much even without sales.
Do search in the thread NEW YOOX CODE - it will give you the ideas about some under radar italian brands that are sold on Yoox.

This right here gives an example of how Yoox drives me crazy. I go to the site, search for Les Copains, sort by price, the lowest that shows up is $44. Are all the cheaper ones gone? Did they never exist? Are they squirreled away under a different season's listing or some other idiocy? Who knows, I have to hunt to find something that someone else already pointed out directly.
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Originally Posted by Don Carlos View Post
Yoox is a great example of horrendous site design and a frustrating user experience. The pricing isn't worth the headache, either.

Yup, YOOX sucks! Pass the word.

The fewer people that shop at YOOX, the longer I can continue to get deals such as ADRIANO & SONS Cashmere sweaters for $59, COAST shirts for $32, ATTOLINI long sleeve dress shirts for $109, BUONAMASSA dress shirts for $88, ect.

You are spot on. No one should ever, ever shop at YOOX, but me.
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Yoox is much better than before. Their customer service would now reply to email queries, when I recall in the past, some queries would go unanswered.

But Yoox's stuff are still old. I see some stuff on their site, which I never see in the boutique.
Their stuff aint exactly cheap, even during their sale or sample sale, and most importantly, they have a new bizarre policy of collecting custom duties in excess of local rates, which isn't their problem to begin with.

But there are very few sites out there which you can browse, to look at a huge number of labels.
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Know your brand, know your size, press buy and pray it fits.
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