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Having been involved in publishing since the 70's I would suggest that you consider the following model:

In order,

Step one - create a website and blog with regular entries. Give good information and sources but limit it to information that someone else could research on their own. You use this as an opportunity to describe your background and elite status in the field. People want to know they are dealing with a real "pro" who gets results. You will want to "feed" these entries to other blogs and setting yourself up as the sales professional resource in this field.

Step two- Create a free newsletter, that people sign up for on your blog/website. This goes out regularly, either weekly or twice a month. It offers more timely insights.

Step three- have seminars. You will promote these on your site and in your newsletter. This is where you start to make money.

Step four- create a subscription "insiders" newsletter with similar material that you have in seminars and that contains true insider information and updates. Charge maybe maybe $500 a year if it has really good leads and strategy.

step five-once you accumulate enough information from the above simple put it into a book format that you offer to your subscription base. I wouldn't expect a trade publisher to do be able to sell any more of a specialty book than you can. And you can potentially make more money selling a specialty title direct these days if you have an established base. With POD capabilities you can print small runs cost efficiently.

So the overall strategy is to drive people to your website by offering compelling information and retaining them with a free newsletter. You also want to put yourself out there as "The leading resource" in your field.

PM me if you want more details.

thanks, I think that I will chew on this and then I will PM with some questions. a few people have suggested the idea of a subscription service, makes a lot of sense to me.


GT: CHECK YOUR CONTRACT! Your employer might have a big problem with you giving out your trade secrets. They might have a good case you are arming the competition. Really, really check your employment contract. For instance, mine disallows me from any kind of dealing with anything that could be remotely construed as taking part in my current line of work...even passive ownership/investment in similar companies

thanks - while my non-compete is draconian, I am allowed to teach and write in my contract. but thanks, I will re-check just to make sure


It is just a guess, but I think he could expand beyond medical and include types of technical and specialty products that require similar selling and servicing strategies.

yes, what I really think I do well is figuring out how to go about setting up distribution, no matter what the product (although basically business to business capital equipment, I wouldn't try with consumer goods). things like how to identify the right markets, how to profile the right distirbutors, identify the right distributors, recruit and train distributors, and that kind of thing. also how to set up international offices, where to set up offices, how to hire staff, etc.
very much applicable to different products.

I think that the potential market is pretty big, I also don't see anything similar on Amazon.