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I like Kiton, RLPL and Pink. However, I haven't stumbled across any RTW shirts that fit me. I've always had to have the sides taken in a bit and/or shorten the sleeves. But that's just me and my funky body.
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Used to be Borrelli but currently I get all of my RTW shirts from Finamore. Just bought some Cucinelli shirts this weekend for the first time. I own a lot of their polos and I really like them, so I figured I would give a few of their shirts a try.

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Kiton, Finamore, Borrelli.

In that order.
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I'm broke as hell so Tyrwhitt gets my vote. Superb quality for the money. I don't know if I would even want to pay the prices for Kiton etc shirts, even if I could afford it... Tyrwhitt is plenty good for me
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I completely lost track of this thread after seeing Unrefinery's avatar
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Hmm, can someone comment on the Borrelli fit?
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Etro - for the fun patterns/textures/colors Paul Smith - same reasons Thomas Pink for better quality / fit / less fun
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The best shirts I own are RLPL, thats about as good as I can afford.
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Gucci - On sale @ 50% bought at Milan, fits well, should have bought another one if I wasn't backpacking Brooks Brothers - Wearing it now, slim fit. Great fit for people who have broader chest/shoulders, perfect for my work enviornment as well.
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Surprised at the love for Thomas Pink. I've only ever found them to be of mediocre quality and overpriced. Thought that was the general SF consensus also.
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Antichi Telai
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I like slim shirts, and currently need only work shirts

TM lewin for all my French cuff work shirts, then I get BB extra slims oxfords.

Aiming to go T&A mtm
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I'm only new to buying decents shirts.... but have discovered Mastai Ferretti and Eton shirts at one of the upmarket shops where I'm from.

I think they're fantastic - I never seem to hear much on them here though.

Do any of you have any experience with these brands? Thoughts?

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IMHO Charvet by far, makes the best RTW shirts I have. The fabric and construction is better than any of my other RTW shirts. Kiton is nice, but the price, well... I sometimes get nice comments on the large Kiton buttons. I guess they are unusual. All my Kiton shirts are of lighter fabric. Would be tempted to pick Borrelli over Kiton if you take into account price. T&A sea island is really nice, but not cheap. I have some older Zegna with really thick MOP buttons, but I have not seen any like those in some years. They tend to shrink more than any of my other shirts. H&K (regular, not sea island) are OK for everyday staple shirts, but would not wear them to important meetings. OK price when on sale, but I have never seen their sea island or slim its on sale online. Brioni I would rank a little higher than H&K. Maybe the cut fits me better. Would rank RLPL lower than most of the Italian or UK brands, perhaps a little less than Armani Collezioni with their fused collars. The wrinkles show up in no time at all for my RLPLs. Won't be buying anymore of their shirts. Would rank Canali above RLPL. LP makes some nice RTW casual shirts. Gucci and Barba also, but not as good as LP... more for fashion or a night out. You also have to take cut and fit into the equation as one might suit you better than another. I am curious about Emma Willis and Ascot Chang. Retail price ranking: 1) Charvet (not cheap, but well worth it) 2) Borrelli 3) T&A/ H&K/ or Brioni if you can find a sale
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